How long for you all

Just a question to you all just out of curiosity, how long was it from your first initial symptoms to your 2nd relapse ?


If you head over to the ‘Your first symptoms - looking back’ thread you can see that, like everything with MS, it is different for all of us.

The problem is deciding what is a symptom and what is a general everyday ‘twinge’ that everyone else/nMSCM (non- MS Crew Members) experience through a whole gambit of medical and non medical issues (usually involving that most widely of non prescription drugs - alcohol)

The first noticeable thing for me was a loss of taste then a few weeks later I lost the use of my left arm and left leg BUT prior to taste loss my left knee started aching - was that my first symptom or my over exuberance on the football (soccer for those of an American persuasion who are reading this) field?

like all crappy TV Science/HIstory shows I’ll end with the line,

…we simply don’t know…

Dr A

My initial symptoms appeared in 2012, but they didn’t even suspect it was MS until my second relapse in 2017, which was considerably more severe and lead to diagnosis and starting treatment.

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