How long did you have to wait before dx?

I currently have 7 brain lesions. None were seen in my cord so based on that I didn’t quite meet the diagnostic criteria for MS yet. Although, the neuro did say that white matter disease as extensive as mine is very unlikely, almost impossible in someone my age and with no risk factors.

So I have to wait another 6 months for another MRI or another attack before she’ll diagnose me with MS.i don’t want to be diagnosed but I do want to get help. She’s offered to give me gabapentin to start treating the symptoms and I am seriously considering taking them.

So to those with a diagnosis - how long from first attack to your diagnosis? Did your first MRI show scattered lesions which were more typical by your next scan?

I had my first symptoms in Spring. No MRI; the neurologist was clear from clinical exam that it was de-myelination, but once the symptoms had receded we decided to leave it there and wait-and-see. Second set of symptoms arose a few months later, and that time I was in the MRI scanner before my feet touched the ground; by then I ticked all the boxes about dissemination in time and space etc and the dx was clear-cut and quick. Looking back, those months went by in a flash, although I expect it didn’t feel that way at the time.

I do feel for you, facing the strange unreal feeling of wondering what, if anything, is going to happen next and when. Not fun, but time keeps passing, and you’ll get there. I hope that you are one of the lucky ones whose symptoms melt away, never to return.


I should have said that this was all 20 years ago! But I don’t suppose the process has changed that much.



I have waited 4 years and still waiting in limbo. Over 20 brain lesions, 1 spinal, positive lumbar puncture and on going symptoms on and off. Hopefully you get answers soon

I am shocked by this and have been looking at your earlier posts to see what the heck. I am sorry that you are having such a frustrating time.


Very frustrating, I’m still waiting 11 years now. Lina