How is a relapse defined??

Hi all, sorry I’m back again.

just wondering how a relapse is defined?

Is a relapse a new symptom or is it a reoccurrence of an old symptom but at a different time?

two weeks after my steroids and I was feeling a lot better, my eye is better and I had no tingling but today I’ve pins and needles in my right arm again and I’m weeing for Britain.

ive had constant weeing for a long long time but it had got better over the last week and now I’m every 15 minutes and been up 5 times in the night the last two nights.

im just trying to work out if I need to contact someone and what is classed as a relapse xxx

Hi Louise

A relapse is symptoms that last at least 24 hours and happens at least one month after the last occurrence of those symptoms.

But, I’m wondering if you actually have a UTI (urinary tract infection)? Constant weeing and a resumption of symptoms could have that as it’s cause.

You could take a wee specimen in to your GPs on Monday for testing in case.


Thankyou sue,

will do but it’s been so long that I’ve got used to weeing all the time and had a few days off with the steroids that I’ve really noticed how often I need to go.

so the buzzing arm is carrying on from where it was before the steroids and it just had a few days off so not a relapse??

Sorry im just getting my head around stuff xxxx

Sorry Louise,


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If your bladder is being overactive and it’s not been caused by a relapse or a UTI, it could be that you can do something about it. Have a look at There are all sorts of ways to help a bladder that’s misbehaving, from drugs, to bladder retraining (which I think is a bit impossible, but some people manage it), to Botox.

But first, check that you’ve not actually got an infection. If it’s clear, you could ask to see your local bladder and bowel nurse. You can ask at your GP practice. It’s possible to self refer, but you do need to know where they are!!


It’s just a suggestion but as you have been on high doses of steroids have you been checked for diabetes? One of the symptoms is weeing for England.

Hi from another Louise! I had steroids last November - three days with a daily IV then a four week tail off, reducing each week. Went to the loo very frequently (both sorts), felt very hot and sweaty, and generally out of sorts. Generally felt bleurgh!

The neuro I had then was treating me for what I thought was a relapse. I can’t say that they made me feel any better overall. I’ve now changed neuros and the new one wonders whether it was a relapse in the first place and thinks I’ve moved on to SMPS.

I find that so much of MS is the not knowing - about many things. So frustrating…