How interesting is this? Botox jabs....

How interesting is this?

Published article 3/07/12 in 'Neurology' by Dr Anneke van der Walt, consultant neurologist at The Royal Melbourne Hospital. Botox jabs may help cut down the MS shakes.  There is hope, take care, M

Yes very interesting. Saw something online from a woman with MS who wonders if she can fool the doctors into believing that every wrinkle on her face has tremors! happy

Seriously though... more hope on the horizon.


Hope you M and everyone ok,

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Hi gang, 'more hope on the horizon'thumbsupI like the cut of your jibhearttoungeTake care, M

Hi everyone,

All hope is good thumbsup


Sun here today..................yippee!  Hope you all have a good day.



Hi Pam... we had the sun too thumbsup... actually still got it.

Hope you have nice evening... Country House Rescue AND Hotel Inspector!

Hahahahah it's crap TV heaven...

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ooo I have botox in my neck every 13 weeks to stop my shaking/nodding head. & this is the one thing i can honestly say works!!!!!! xxx

Cheers for that, how positive....................thumbsup

l dont know if l wood like to try it  ms nurse said may help ankle pain !!!   Jan