How interesting is this? Botox jabs....

How interesting is this?

Published article 3/07/12 in ‘Neurology’ by Dr Anneke van der Walt, consultant neurologist at The Royal Melbourne Hospital. Botox jabs may help cut down the MS shakes. There is hope, take care, M

Yes very interesting. Saw something online from a woman with MS who wonders if she can fool the doctors into believing that every wrinkle on her face has tremors!

Seriously though… more hope on the horizon.


Hope you M and everyone ok,

Pat x

Hi gang, 'more hope on the horizon’I like the cut of your jibTake care, M

Hi everyone,

All hope is good

Sun here today…yippee! Hope you all have a good day.


Hi Pam… we had the sun too … actually still got it.

Hope you have nice evening… Country House Rescue AND Hotel Inspector!

Hahahahah it’s crap TV heaven…

Pat x

ooo I have botox in my neck every 13 weeks to stop my shaking/nodding head. & this is the one thing i can honestly say works!!! xxx

Cheers for that, how positive…

l dont know if l wood like to try it ms nurse said may help ankle pain !!! Jan