How do you know?

Hi everyone,

im feeling pretty rough right now, extreme exhaustion I thought I maybe had a bug/virus but this has been nearly three weeks on and off without any bug like symptoms.

How can you tell if your having a relapse, I’ve no apparent indication, except I know I don’t feel right and can’t be bothered with anything, my head feels a bit strange, but no pain, I know I’m weaker than normal, I normally pace myself throughout the day and that has been going well until recently. I don’t work so I can’t blame that. My elderly parents are staying with us for two weeks could that be the cause their ,no trouble except it’s my house not being my own!

Could there be something going on in my brain I don’t know about?

Should I call my Ms nurse for advise? Sorry for rambling!

Ihope everone one else is doing ok

Ann x

Hi Ann,

I can identify with what you are saying, how do we know if what we are experiencing is a relapse or something else.

I have several things going on healthwise and symptoms overlap a lot of the time.

Spoke to my gp Monday because I have come to the end of my tolerance with feeling so ill…he gave me a week of steroids.

I know if I had people staying it would stress me however much I loved having them and however little trouble they were…we worry too much I guess.

I guage my own state of health by petsonal hygeine … If I cant make myself shower I know I am hitting rock bottom.

Oh dear this is not very helpful…sorry…at least it will bump your post.

Hope you feel bettersoon.


Hi, think it would be a good idea to phone your ms nurse.

Even though your visitors dont seem to be causing you any extra work, I know I cant relax when we have company.



I think to be classed as a relapse it needs to be a new symptom that lasts a few days at least, so ongoing fatigue probably wouldn’t be considered a relapse on its own.

I find just being around people to be fatiguing. So having people to stay for two weeks would just about do me in. If we have friends staying for 2 nights I’m extra knackered so it could be that it’s not a relapse just the extra effort that talking more takes out of you.

But if it’s been going on longer than just the time your parents have been staying it could be something else. As Poll said, maybe ask your MS nurse for advice. Also, check that you don’t have a UTI, sometimes these are sneaky little devils coming in under the radar and generally making you feel low without having really severe symptoms.


Thanks all

i was thinking it maybe a relapse as last night my balance seemed to feel worse, but today it’s normal again. I know what you mean about talking a bit more. My stepdad is hard of hearing and my Mum fragile they have been staying with us until their house contracts are completed so they can move in soon I hope! My routine is mucked up, so now is the dogs, my hormones are up and down too and I generally feel under the whether and have been for the last 3/4 weeks I recently came of an Ad Nortriptyline and since then I’ve felt rubbish. The Docs are worse than useless just getting through on the phone takes an hour and appointment 3 weeks.

I did ring my ms nurse but one on holiday and other not in til Tuesday so good job it’s not a relapse!

I really need to get out but feel to knackered at the moment to go.

Ann x