How do you know what symptoms should be reported?

Hi again

I apologise for so many questions recently but I am a little stuck and hope you can help.

So I was diagnosed with CIS recently and my GP has said they cannot treat me should I have any problems With anything they cannot treat me as they do not know what is is and may cause more harm. My GO would write and ask if I can speak to an MS nurse for information but is unsure if I have to be referred by a neurologist

The last few days I have been struggling with a very stiff ankle that almost locks with a shooting pain randomly and externally sore feet. Weirdly in my heels along the outside including my 2 small toes. It is making walking painful and difficult

So presuming this could be something related (I know we never know for sure) who do I tell. How do you tell which symptoms to report to said person?

i don’t have an MS nurse so could email my neurologist but he never replies.

Thank you

hi sammy

tell your gp about each new symptom because it is important to get them on your medical records.

if you have a good gp, treasure him or her. (worth their weight in gold)

you can also phone your neuro’s secretary and ask him or her to pass a message on.

your gp is your first port of call.

carole x

This is an interesting point. I’m fairly newly diagnosed sep 17. Jan 18 I started experiencing new sensations. I phoned up my MS nurse reported them, at the time they weren’t too bad. I was also waiting for the results of my last scan. Found out that was ok, so 10 months with no new lesions which is good, as previously had a new one in six months. However, new symptoms now worst and had started 2 months after last scan, starting to get concerned, phoned up ms nurse again. Had rather fraught conversation, basically bottom line I should have phoned up sooner. I’m really stressed in work, but I’ve had lots of stress in my live and never had these symptoms before. Ms nurse has now arranged that i Will be seeing doctor shortly in relapse clinic to see if it is a relapse or down to stress or something else. What I’ve learnt, don’t think you are making a fuss and see someone also I think I was a big vague with trying to describe the symptoms. I find it really hard to put into words what the feelings feel like.

Thank you very helpful info. Sammy