How do u all deal with this emotionally?

Hey guys. Hows things? 

So its 11 weeks tomorrow since i was dignosed. I think i am going thru the motions relatively well but i do get times where i literally break down in tears like someone has died! I am still in a bit of shock really. I know that its like a grieving process but that doesnt make it any easier!

What i want to know is how do you all deal with those feelings of shock and overwhelming disbelief?

Id really like some advice. I knwo people say keep positive and im trying i really am. I have started my LDN 2 weeks ago so i feel more in control that i am actually doing something but i still get moments of omg! do u deal with it? 



Hi Beccy, it is really hard... but let me tell you something that might help. IT WILL GET EASIER. I promise you that. The longer you have MS the more you accept it until eventually it's just normal to you. 

In the meantime, keep reminding yourself that you are the person you were before diagnosis. Even all the horrid symptoms can't take that away. 

It's also perfectly normal to cry a lot as if someone has died. Go with it. Don't try to stop the tears. They do actually help. Next time you have a good cry think about how you feel afterwards. You'll notice that you feel better. Less panicky and more able to cope. So those tears really do help the process along. 

'One day at a time'... let that be more mantra, and on really bad days change to 'one hour at a time'.

Things will get easier but it takes time, and even then you'll have 'OMG I've got MS' moments. Just go with them... don't fight them, and they'll soon pass.

Also, don't forget this one, talk about it. Friends, family, MSS helpline, GP, neighbours, lady in the corner shop... hey... no kidding... talk about it and one day you'll find you want to change the subject. happy

Take care hon and hang on in there,

Pat x happy

Thanks pat that was a lovely response. How lOng have u been dIagnosed for? X

Hi Beccy,

I got diagnosed 4 weeks ago.  I've shed many a tear.  In fact,  I am welling up now.  That's really great advice from Pat, let it out.  Have a really good cry.  It does feel a lot better.  Even for a bloke.  Taking it one day at a time is really good advice too.  That goes with anything.  My mum has a great mantra, just get on with it and things do get better and it's advice that I'm applying right now.  I have got myself a counsellor.  She is brilliant.  We are doing CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) which allows you understand your thoughts and your moods better and to change your thinking.  She has also referred me to a group counselling course which deals with chronic diseases.  Why don't you try that?  I'm sure it is going to be really helpful.  I also have a brilliant family who are incredibly supportive.  

As Pat says, talking about things is really important.  I am able to have a really good chat with my cousellor in complete confidence.  I find this really theraputic.  Apart from that I think keeping a positive attitude is really important.  I also take St Johns wort when things get really bad.  It does help.

Hope this helps and I hope things get better for you.


Adrian x


Hi Beccy,

I was diagnosed this week (wednesday) and i havent shed a tear yet, i cant explain it, i cried for days when i saw my neuro back in April and he said he defo thought it was MS, then after months of waiting and tests he diagnosed me and i just took it... Feelings and emotions are so hard and i think Pat & Adrian are right, if you need to cry and grieve then do! Im just waiting for it to hit me again, as at the moment im numb and just on auto-pilot with it all.

Chelle x 

Hi Beccy

I was diagnosed in may. Took 12 days from going in to DX. Saw neuro recommend tysabri not got worse on scan since may. Got psyched up about tysabri effects …etc had jc test (-ve) decided was gonna have either way. Can’t havre tysabi now. Good and bad news. Got sent to shrink to cope with diagnosis, loss of job, effects on family, rapid diagnosis, life turned upside down now I felt like I been shi* on from a dizzy height. More work or shrink

Wow thanks for your responses. It’s intersting how everyone reacts differently. I’m sure we will all be ok it’s just gna take time! I have times where I’m like ok I have it then others I’m like omgg! But guess its one of those things u have to take a day at a time!! Xx