How can I slow down an Exercise Machine

Dear all, I need some advice.

A kind neighbour has donated an old Inspiration Treadmill to us. I thought it would be helpful to my partner to do a little walking indoors whenever the weather is poor.

However, the slowest I can set the machine, 1 km/h, is still too fast for her and after about 10 seconds she has to stop.

I have approached the manufacturers and they think it is not possible to make it run slower than 1km/h.

I thought I might be able to hack’ the machine; perhaps try running it on 110 Volts instead of 220 V; see if there any gearing I can change.

It seems odd that something that could be very useful for people with mobility issues, such as MS, cannot be adjusted to make them run slow enough to be useful to a wider range of people.

I’m going to start looking at it but if there are any engineers or electricians who could point me in the right direction, all ideas would be appreciated.

Kind regards,


John if you repost in the Everyday Living Forum you might get a better response as more people seem to read that one.

Good luck

Jan x

Many thanks, Jan.

I’m a past master at cut-n-paste.