Hospital transport issue too unwell to drive.

Can anyone help with the above summary.

I’m not sure but different areas might have different policies, contact the hospital PALS they’ll be able to tell you what their procedure is. My GP has to request transport to and from hospital, I’ve been up and down (including today) for the last 16 months and it costs me between £2.50 and £3.50 because I have a “Taxicard” other areas have similar schemes for people who have disabilities.

Thanks for the replies but our borough is useless is sorting this. So fed up. Taxicard drivers do not always have the room for a manual wheelchair and they also are not trained in assisting people with disabilities as they do not have training on lifting and carrying people into cars.

Hi, perhaps try to phone the department you have to visit They should be able to confirm if there is any danger in catching a bus, taxi, lift from family or friends etc. If this is the case, they may give you a reference number for the hospital Patient Transport system.

During the call, stress to someone in charge why you’re unable to drive with your wheelchair for this one appointment. Explain you’re usually able to drive, park & make your own way. But due to your current poor health, to attend without patient transport will be too difficult and potentially dangerous…

You’ll either have another appointment made for later on, OR the Consultant or Secretary will give authority to Patient Transport and confirm you’re health condition qualifies you to use their service, especially as you’re too unwell to attend.

Once this is put into place, Patient Transport will have on record that you are a wheelchair patient and qualified. From then, you’ll be able to phone directly to book a place for yourself & wheelchair up to 2wks before the appt.time.

Should you need to use Patient Transport again, you’ll be able to due to your wheelchair. Be aware that you could be collected up to an hour and half before due, and sometimes up to a 4hour wait to return home. Good Luck, Chrissie

I do know that the hospitals near me have ambulance’s service for people who can’t get buses or taxi’s to the hospital. The down side is that you have to be ready to go to the in the ambulance hours a head of your appointment time and the same on the way back. But I know my dad was bed bound and had to be booked for a stretcher and a walker. And another neighbor had no car and couldn’t get public transport or the money for a taxi. I do know that a man near us is a wheelchair user and that’s how he gets to his hospital appointments. Kay

When you book your taxi online you can select under the trip options tab wheelchair accessible only vehicle, all London black cabs must be equipped with a wheelchair ramp it’s the law, if you make your booking on the telephone you must speak up for yourself when they ask if there are any special requirements that you require a wheelchair accessible vehicle, surely that must tell them that minicabs will not be suitable.

If you have had a bad experience with a taxi card driver or vehicle please report it to ComCab as unless they are told of problems they will not correct any issues that may arise. Because ComCab farm work out to minicab companies there are occasions when vehicles are not suitable for people with mobility issues for example sending out a 4x4 like they did to me yesterday.

The only issue I have found is with timings on bookings for example i booked a taxi on Thursday evening to collect me Friday morning at 11 am to take me to hospital unfortunately he was 10 minutes late fortunately for me I’d allowed a significant amount of time as I actually wanted to get to my appointment well in advance of my 12 o’clock admission, also sometimes when you make and as soon as possible booking. well how long is a piece of string! I waited nearly an hour one day for collection from my dentist.

Book return trips in advance whenever you can this may avoid longer waits for return home trips, don’t be very surprised when occasionally the taxis turn up a little late for your collection as they have said to me that their service is “Not a guaranteed service” so I always allow more time for fixed time appointments.

it you’re signed up to Taxicard it also will sign you up to Dialaride. Which will cover whenever possible, dental appointments, doctors appointments, hairdressing appointments, shopping trips, lunch with friends, going to the pub, going to the pictures or almost anything else that you do, apart from hospital appointments, as hospitals have their own transport. But I have seen on my GP referral letters the tick boxes that have not been ticked saying I require transport to and from the hospital.

As these are London based services most London boroughs have signed to the taxicard scheme. Please don’t give up on them.

Have a look on your hospital’s website for transport to the hospital. Where I live we have a couple of local charities that run a service taking people to appointments (age concern is one of them) If on income related benefits you can also claim back the costs when you arrive at the hospital.

Thanks to all the posts on this, changing to nearer hospitals might help.