Hospital discharge care plans Scotland

Just wondered if anyone else is having problems getting home after a 4 weeks stay in hospital.
My husband has Primary Progressive although only ever diagnosed with RR. He was diagnosed in 2014 and has slipped downhill ever since. He now has no use of both legs and one arm/hand. He does amazing considering his rapid decline. We have two children 18 and 13. He has had a care plan for personal care since 2018 after a time in hospital with cellulitis. It’s been hard going for him as he is very particular in what he likes help with but had developed a mainly good team of carers with one of the local care service providers. We were able to chose our carer provider at this time.
He was then admitted to hospital again 5 weeks ago and about two weeks ago he was ready for discharge but it now turns out that he has lost his existing care plan as he was in hospital for more than 72hrs. So he is now in the position of starting from scratch waiting for any care provider to take him on and it may not be the ones he was with for the last 5 years where he had built up trust and reliability and knowledge of his needs. We have been told there is a huge waiting list and this might take weeks or months for him to get home. Is this normal? I don’t think it’s acceptable? Where is the ‘patient centred approach’ here? Is there anything I can do? His mood has plummeted and they are now suggesting a Care Home as an interim until a care package can be got for him. I feel helpless.