Horrid back pain

Just had to pay £200 online for a wretched spinal doctor’s 30 minutes. Wow, that hurt! Indeed, nearly as much as my back…but not quite. Have been looking at demyelination as an attempt to find out quite why my upper back nerves are as damaged as they are as the spinal doctors seem at a loss. A cause has never been found. All they say is spinal decompensation - but why, I ask myself. Hope that the neurologist’s secretary will call on Monday. (He’s the one that found nerve damage). Wrote an article for a local magazine yesterday and worked out that I can now sit for 6 minutes before the acute pain kicks in. The numb leg is weird, makes me wobble but otherwise doesn’t cause me too much distress - thought why it’s there begs a question. This doesn’t seem right to me. What bothers me most is that no attempt has ever been made to find out why. Think I may suggest a brain scan if I ever get an appointment. I did have one 6 years ago to look for brain injury after an accident but the guy doing it was a trainee neurologist and perhaps he missed something relevant. The only other thing that I ever had wrong with me was hand pain in my 30s but not bad enough to worry me unduly. Oh and a numb patch on my face that occurs occasionally. Sorry to rant - feel like Alice in Wonderland (aka slightly confused and feel like I’m having consults with mad hatters).

Hi hun.

Ive had chronic back pain over the years, which is mostly cured by better support and posture changes. But this has alwasy been lower back pain, not upper like yours.

Sorry to hear you`ve been fleeced by online doctors. I wouldnt go that way, as they really need to examie you to make a diagnosis.

Have you asked for an MRI? But dont pay for one…


I can guess that it’s a flank hernia if the pain you experienced worsens when you cough. I had an abdominal hernia one year ago, and I would say that I still have; even so, I did surgery with the hernia mesh. Gosh, it’s a nightmare. I still experience pain, and I got some autoimmune disease. The mesh implanted in my body is made of polypropylene and contains a ring around it. Unfortunately, the polypropylene shrank to a smaller size than the size of the ring, exposing the mesh and caused it to break and perforate some organs.
They said to me, trust doctors, that they know better, Not! They did the worse. And now I suffer. I started a hernia mesh lawsuits, and I hope my doctor will have the courage to take the responsibilities.