Horrendous lumbar puncture!

Add to favourites Like (0) Get email alertsQuotereply So I had my lumbar puncture today and wanted to post about how it went. I went expecting the worse however it was much much worse than I had expected. Don’t want to scare anyone that is due to have it - most people don’t have the problems that I did and the reason I had such a hard time is that I have scoliosis. So got there at 9:45 (was booked in for 10 o’clock) trouble starting almost immediately. They had to take blood from me which I wasnt pre warned about and I have terrible trouble giving blood as I don’t have any veins! So they tried and no veins accessible in either arm. They contacted the gp and got my previous blood results faxed over. Even with those results they needed a further 3 and a half tubes of blood so ended up taking it from my hand - not pleasant! Anyway then a while later was taken into a room for the lumbar puncture (dad came in the room with me and sat in front of me). I had phoned in advance to explain that I have scoliosis and that it was advised by the neurologist that an X-ray guided lumbar puncture may be advisable. Well they took no notice and the doctor said that she had done loads of lumbar punctures and was confident it wouldn’t be a problem. Anyway to try and cut the story a bit I had her and another doctor attempt it - overall it was about an hour and a half of them trying and about 30 needle attempts! They decided that they needed the registrar to come and try and that they would only attempt it 2 more times and if they didn’t get it then they would rebook for another day with an X-ray guided lumbar puncture. The registrar came in and thankfully got it the second time with a lot of poking and prodding and also drawing on my back with pen to help him work out my spinal curve. Well the pain was horrendous of all the needle attempts -32 in total! Thankfully haven’t got the lumbar headache as laid down for about an hour and 45 minutes and had lots of coke. However back pain from the whole experience is horrendous and lying flat in bed now. I know this is a long post and sorry if it sounded like I was rambling along - just want to say if anyone is due for a lumbar puncture and has scoliosis then insist beforehand to a guided X-ray lumbar puncture!!!

I am so sorry to hear wht you went throught that mjust have been very frightining and unbearable to deal with well done and putting up with it all you need amedal.

Makes me feel bad as mine went very well with virtually no pain at all

So soz to hear of your experience… I too suffer with no veins… always been a prob, but when I went into hosp, when actually had my diagnosis… they tried everywhere, arms, hands, nothing - in the end, MY FOOT… Lumber puncture is awful init… but no one thought to tell me about lying down after… oh no I got up and greeted my 2 kids who I hadnt see for 2 days and didnt I suffer… headache like nothing else… which lasted for 5 days… it was alright as long as I didnt move my head or open my eyes… HORRENDOUS. Can I just ask what is SCOLIOSIS?? Hope u dont mind me asking, just havent heard of it… Take it easy tonight… just relax, its over and done with… Take care x G

Scoliosis is where your spine curves the wrong way. Most people’s spines are curved like an s shape but mines completely curved the wrong way so it’s more like a c shape. My discs are also very close together so not much space in between them for the to find a gap to take the fluid from. My back is absolutely killing me now - lying flat in bed but it’s very uncomfortable for my back in general let alone with the pain of the lumbar! So thats why I’m still wide awake now at 3:44am!