Holiday on own

Hi. I am lucky enough to be able to travel on my own and take a rucksack with me. This time though I am going away and will need something larger , I am ok at the airport as can arrange assistance but it’s when I get to the hotel I know I am going to struggle with a suitcase and two walking sticks. Anyone got any ideas

I don’t know where you’re planning to go, but if you’re using taxi from airport to hotel, I’m sure the driver would help. If it’s coach to hotel there are usually porters or other staff around who are willing to help. Have a great time and don’t let worrying about this put you off. Generally people are willing to help, and although I’m no longer able to travel, I’ve benefited from random acts of kindness from strangers, whether it’s been other holidaymakers or staff.

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Bigger rucksack. :slight_smile: Supplemented with a healthy back bag worn at the front. This arrangement worked well for me last year - I was pleased and surprised how well. I use 2 hiking poles too.

No particular suggestions to offer but as Flowerpot says, people can be very kind. Yesterday I caught a train to the nearest town/ city for a meal. Without me asking for help the train and restaurant staff just appeared and helped me out with getting my folding scooter in and out of the train and restaurant. Fair restores faith in humanity.

My guess is that if you let the hotel know then staff there will be very happy to assist you.

My admiration to you for just going for it and planning solo holidays and I hope you have a great time.