Holiday in USA - Disabled permit


I have been going to florida every year for the past 5 years and have always applied for a disabled parking permit for when I'm there. This year we are going to New York, Mystic and Boston and I'm wondering if anyone has applied for a disabled permit from any of these places before. I have written to most of the places I have found online but no one seems to resond. I just want to know how to get one!!!

Any advice would be most welcome!!

Annemarie xhappyflower

Hi Annemarie,

Cannot help with the permit, offhand, but if you are going to Mystic, I assume that you are going to the Seaport.  You should not need a Disabled Permit, there have always been plenty of parking spaces when I have been there.  With a few exceptions, it is a really visitor-friendly place.  You might want to bear in mind:
- The big on-site cafeteria shuts mid afternoon if you want some lunch,
- They have a second-day policy - ask when you get your admission, and you can get back in for free the next day.

The best way to get around Boston is on the Metro - they call it the "T".  Parking when I have been there was not easy anyplace you might want to get to (except on Sundays).  And, if you get to Boston, think about a visit to Salem and/or The Old Saugus Ironworks.

This might help with a permit if you have not already tried them:
but normally they only go to residents of the State.



I know that you should get a local permit but on my many trips to the US I’ve just used my blue badge. I’ve never had any issues with using it in the street and in car parks.

I saw a local sheriff clocking it once in Florida but he just wished me a nice day!



hi i have holidayed in america and also worked there and I took my blue badge and didn't have any problem

The only thing that you can be sure of in the US is that each state has its own rules.

There has been a lot of discussion on TripAdvisor about this, and it does seem that in Florida you can use a UK Blue Badge to get a temporary Florida Disabled Placard.  Several people have reported being able to use a UK Badge on its own, but this does appear liable to be risky.  If you have a rental car, and you get a parking ticket and do not pay, then the State will go after the vehicle owner (the rental company) - they will in turn go after you via your credit card.

Is very informative - but much of the information looks like it needs to be checked by each individual traveller.  Remember that if you don't ask the right people, you will not get the right answer - if you even get one at all.  At one time I had (legitimately) a permit for the staff car park at the Los Angeles County Hospital - and this was issued by the local LAPD precinct (on the 2nd floor of the hospital). I did have to get the application signed by one of the doctors who was treating my son - but note that the Hospital authorities had no interest in the matter.