Disabled toilet access in US


I know that America is very good for providing disabled facilities but does anyone know if they have an equivalent of our Radar key scheme, or are they just open?


Hi When I visited 2 yrs ago I had no problems accesing the disabled toilets, none of them were locked and they were easily accesable. Hope this helps Sue x

Ah that’s great thanks Sue, always something I worry about!!

Hi, just been reading about disabled loos called Changing Places. They look fantastic! Google it and then see if they have them in USA.

There seem to be clusters of them. eg a few in and around Leeds…got hoists, showers, changing stations etc. id love to try one. maybe well go to Leeds on a shopping spree!

luv Pollx

Ditto Sue, I had no trouble with disabled loos and don’t remember any locked ones (Florida)


We were at Florida last year everything is so disabled friendlyit really puts our country to shame,

Al x

I think disabled facilities in America will vary greatly, depending where you go, Orlando is pretty good, New York not so much, taxis will not even stop if they see a wheelchair and they don’t fit easily in the boot either, no problem getting it in a carriage for a horse and carriage ride in Central Park Pennsylvania a bit hit and miss also