Hoist on Aeroplanes

Does anyone know of a UK airline/airport that uses a hoist to get you onto a plane? I felt so humiliated by the manual handing experiences from my last trip that I won’t get on a plane until I can be hoisted. I have read on line that Norway have banned all manual handling at airports - should we be campaigning for this here?



I don’t have an answer to your question, but it is an excellent one.

Generally, I can transfer from my wheelchair to the on board chair (even if it does seem a little small for the size of my a*se), but the kind of ‘help’ the airport staff attempt to give when transferring into the plane seat, or indeed to and from my wheelchair, is terrible. They have a tendency to pull on my arms, fail to communicate what they are about to do, treat me like I’m a sack of potatoes, etc, etc.

So, while I have no need of a hoist at present, I have had several awkward, painful, embarrassing times on planes. My default mode now is to launch straight into antagonistic, severe tones as I tell them “this is what I want you to do”, “no, don’t pull my arm”, “I will do this” and “please do that”. All said in a schoolmarmish tone to ensure they get the message.

I don’t think their training is terribly good, but I have to say, it seems to matter very little whether they are ground crew or on board crew. To find someone who actually knows how to assist a disabled passenger is difficult to say the least. Maybe we should be flying to Norway.


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Hi, I cant say for 100% but I dont think airlines use hoists.

I was booked to go to Spain last year and was told I would be lifted into my seat by cabin crew. I was dreading it but didnt go in the end. I am a roly poly type of girl, so it woudnt`ve been pretty!

Unless you get a definite answer here from someone who has used a hoist on a plane, you`ll need to ring every airline!


Hi again Sandy, just googled the subject and from what Ive read, it looks like well still have to struggle…no mention of a hoist for transfers.


Have discovered hoist can be booked at Heathrow & Gatwick - would just need to check availability at other end!

I don’t understand why it couldn’t be possible to remain in your own wheelchair and for it to be securely strapped down, as in the back of adapted minibuses etc. Just a thought…

yeh, I know, why the chuff not!


I know why not…we`d tek up too much space…and they may not be able to charge more due to DDA type rules, eh?


And on a flight where they didn’t have a wheelchair passenger, there’d be a space or two where there were no seats, so no passengers, so less money. And that would be terrible!!