Air travel

I’m a wheelchair user and I will be flying on a Boeing 777 in the new year, baring in mind that I’ve been told I will be 1st on and last off the flight, where would they most likely to sit me ?

Hi addick

​I would have thought you would be seated near the doors, which are front and rear of plane.

I’m flying to Rome next year. Booked my seats online…it shows a plan of seating. I’m not in a wheelchair though.

Check online at the airport, you should find lots of info there. Manchester is website is excellent.

Good luck x


i have flown several times with easyjet out of manchester. when u book/pay for flights they ask you about what help u will need. i book a wheelchair from train station through to boarding. i can weightbare but cant do steps or moving on my own not possible. they lifted my up side of plane and i held onto an arm-4/5 steps-til i got on aircraft. then held onto the seats til i reached row 7(allocated free when u book the help)

if u cant weightbare they have a tiny chair to move u in aircraft which i have never seen used.

the railway and airport have their own wheelchairs which u used to be able to use one throughout but now separate cos folk were stealing them! as i discovered last year! but thats another story!

i find the whole thing well organised and thought through! enjoy!


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going thru the airport to depart is straighforward.

on returning you have to go behind the scenes/through locked doors cos its not fully accessible for wheelchairs! unless they have sorted that in the past 4 months!