Any wheelchair users flown Air Malta?

Hi all, I am planning to fly to Malta in the Spring and I was wondering if anyone has experienced Air Maltas’ onboard disabled facilities? At the moment I can’t really walk at all, beyond a few steps with a walker at home and use a wheelchair otherwise. I know that I’ll be able to get to the plane OK but it’s on the aircraft that I am a bit concerned and there doesn’t seem to be any info available about what happens on the plane. In particular I’m bothered about using the loo whilst on the plane. Can anybody tell me: does Air malta have on board wheelchairs? If not, how would I get to my seat? Also, are the loos suitable for disabled? ie can a person with limited mobility actually get into the loo? And are there any bars to help one stand up off the loo? Ultimately, I’ll phone the airline but these sorts of details are often better answered by other wheelchair users as able bodied people often have strange ideas about what is accessible and what is not! So if anyone has experience of flying Air Malta, I’d be most grateful for your thoughts on these or any other issues that I haven’t thought of. I’ve not flown at all since I stopped being able to walk last year and I don’t really know where I’m likely to have problems. Thanks Sue