How do you go to the toilet on the plane...not a joke!!

Sounds like it maybe the start of a good joke…afraid not!

Hoping to get on a plane later this year and will require wheelchair assistance etc, but is it easy to get to the toilet on the plane as I can not walk? I suppose I will be ok once i am in as they are too small to fall in?!

Thanks, hope to hear your experiences.

Can’t say I had to experience any thing like it, but am sure if the air line is warned in advance they will make sure you would be able to reach it. They must have provision for things like this. Have you contacted the air line and asked?

Janet x

Do you know, i have no idea how that would work on a plane. The toilets i have used are so tiny i was only barely able to squeeze in and back then when i last flew 2005, i didnt need a chair. Maybe contact your air line for advice? Hope you get some answers xx

I have had this problem and unfortunately all I can say it was a nightmare. There are no wheelchair facilities but the staff do their best to help. They won’t allow you to use your own wheelchair but have a special chair. It’s the one they get you on and off the plane. This will take you to the door of the loo but that’s about it. You will need assistance to get you into the loo etc. Sorry, but you will find it very difficult.

Hi Shooey,

Rebecca’s right; no crew are allowed to manhandle you onto a toilet seat. Believe me even in the smallest toilet there is enough room to fall over.

Whatever you do; and I will say this openly; do not travel by so called Budget Airline. British Airways only have on board wheelchairs on flights over 5 hours so it depends where you’re going.

Here’s what I usually say:

Travelling by aircraft seems a daunting experience for anyone Disabled in wheelchair or not, but in reality it isn’t it can be a seamless experience as you are helped every step of the way, (that’s not meant as a pun).

I worked for British Airways for 26 years, as such travelled to many parts of the World. In fact in 1988 I travelled twice around the World, some 48,000 miles in 5 days on aircraft, sponsored for Charity. Not something I would recommend but shows you it is possible.

Stick to these guidelines and you will really enjoy the experience. First on booking your flight tell them you would like assistance from check-in to the gate. This could be a wheelchair with someone pushing or a lift on a Golf type buggy. The gate could be over one mile away so don’t think your doing any favour’s by not asking for help. The aircraft has a certain slot for take off, if you are late because of walking difficulties, THE AIRCRAFT HAS TO GO without you, otherwise it costs mega bucks.

If you have problems walking down the isle when you get aircraft side, no problem, quite a few aircraft now have small wheelchairs especially to take people up and down the isle. If you can’t walk whatsoever, no problem, tell them and facilities will be put in place from check-in to take you to the aircraft by ambulance, high lift you to the aircraft and trained medical staff to lift you in the seat. The golden rule here is ‘tell them.’

With some airlines you can pre-book your seat. If so get one that has more leg room and near the toilets, probably a bulkhead seat. The Civil Aviation Authority has made a ruling that no Disabled person can have a seat by an Emergency Exit for obvious reasons.

If for some reason you get to your destination and your wheelchair is missing or worse still damaged it is the airlines, or should I say good airlines signed up to something called the Haig Protocol to restore or repair your chair, see the airlines staff.

I remember I went to San Diego from Gatwick once and they left my chair behind. I was in a rush had to go down to Tijuana and the only one they had to loan me had a large sign above my head saying ‘AVIS Rent a Car.’ The times I was stopped in my Hotel by people saying “hey fella, where can I get a car.”###

Equipment used for his disability eg wheelchairs; crutches travel free. I have no idea if this extends to a travel kit but I would think they were being rather padantic if they charged; mind you I would be very careful with so called ‘budget airlines.’ Give you airline a ring to clarify.

Don’t forget your EHIC card

### George

Thanks for all your replies esp ggood, v detailed thanks. Hmm, certainly going to make it a short haul journey!

Thanks for all your replies esp ggood, v detailed thanks. Hmm, certainly going to make it a short haul journey!

When I did a lot of rough travelling I used to take immodium before a potentially horrendous bus or train journey where you wouldnt even want to go to the toilet if there was one. Everybody’s different but guaranteed me several hours without needing to go. Handy anyway because of travellers diahorrea. Maybe use a catheter with a large bag to cover the other aspect. Could always wear a pad or pullup.

Morning, I have wheelchair assistance, and my experience has always been good, they normally seat you near the front, so you only have to go a little way to go to get to the loo, and they are on hand to help, or who ever is going with you, don’t let this put you off having a good time, oh and you get through checking so much quicker, and the staff are really good, hope you have a wonderful time, Jean x

I can’t walk at all although i can weight bear. Last year we chose to cut down the flying time from 4 hours to two so i didn’t need to use the toilet but that’s a bit hit and miss with me so i use incontinence pads for safety and don’t drink before or during the flight.

I have been seated at the front and cannot manage the few steps to the loo there but one time i was seated in the middle of the plane with a toilet behind me so i managed to stand and shuffle to it with the help of my husband - couldn’t do that now though.

I don’t think they keep the aisle wheelchair on board as the men at either end do the lifting to and from your seat and as already mentioned the flight attendants will not help.

If you are male then i would think a bottle would be acceptable - depends on who is sitting next to you of course - but us females have no chance!

Hope you enjoy your trip.