Aside from the crafts I do whilst sitting on my backside, I love Carriage Driving horses.

I was forced to give up riding years ago, that’s when I started driving Kaja again. Thank goodness she had grown up a bit because when she was younger she was a danger in harness in a scary way…not good, that’s why I rode her for ten years, it was easier dealing with the dangers that way…in her defence the way she behaved was not her fault, in fact the way she was treated after she had been weaned from her Mum, she had, had a hard life before I bought her at the age of 5.

However, in traffic Kaja is great, she could not care less about what cars or anything else on the road does and that is how I want the boys to be.

Now the youngest boy, Gaius, is going away this summer to be trained by a good friend, to be ridden and when he is going well at that he will come back to me to be ridden out by a *willing helper when I drive Kaja.

While Gais is away *Cheryl & I will get Chester (Shetland pony) driving.

It all sounds alot, but it’s not really when you consider all the help I have from friends.

The huge bonus I am going to have this summer is that a wonderful family we are friends with are moving into a local farm that forms part of a massive estate. They have said I can keep the horses there and that they are happy to help out when I’m not well…it’s great because they have horses so they know how to look after them.

I have the horses/pony, the harness & the carts…

This summer is going to be so exciting.

Just wanted to share something other than MS.


Wow Hazel! That sounds a real busy, active life. Glad you are able to enjoy it all.

luv Pollx

Thanks Poll, I will do my best, I’m lucky that I have such good friends.


Cheers H,a nice tale.My only conceren is you and Boudica getting cosy…Chariot racing!!

S xx

What a great plan Stevie, would you like a lift!


Sounds good, Hazel

It is lovely that you have such good friends and you can enjoy something that gives you so much pleasure. I have a mental image of you racing along in the carriage on a beautiful summer’s day …

Tracey x

Yes please H,I’ll bring apples and choc choc

S xx

A mental image of me racing along…oooer…that’s not good for you.

It is nice and when I have moved the horses I can go through the forest & drive up beside the Loch, there is a little cafe there where I tie Kaja up in the disabled bay while I have a cuppa, then I leave the cart in the parking bay & sit on a grassy bank where Kaja can eat some grass…so nice.


OK Steve, Kaja would enjoy the apples.

I have a picnic basket on the back of one of the carts, so we could pop some goodies in that. I also keep a collapsable bucket in there so that I can give Kaja a drink.


Will Kaja let me have a drink out of the bucket whilst we’re sitting on the grassy knoll,or will you be tying me up in the Disabled Bay as well?


Hi Hazel, glad you have a nice summer planned. Just need a few nice days with the weather! I am planning my usual jaunt round the country doing race results and marshalling at races (all running ones, which I miss taking part in! ) Plus getting out on my bicycles more with a couple of cycle sportiffes whilst I have the ability to do so!

Hazel, We have 2 cobs and a pony broken into harness - although the pony Charlie - is now 41 ys old -still galloping around the paddocks chasing the younger cob. Horses and ponies take so well to carriage driving - and it is a way of still being able to enjoy your horse with the company of friends. We have a 4wheeler/6seater - with disc brakes and a super turning circle. l found l was struggling to get onto the carriage - so l have not used it for a long time. lts kept undercover - but needs sanding down and repainting. l shall have to get everyone who comes to ride to get enthusiatic and help get the cart back in action and start breaking Toby into driving.

l did use to, occasionally, pick my daughter up from school in the pony and trap. lt meant crossing a very busy road and through a ford. She used to be embarrassed by me doing this. She said the other pupils called her a ‘Pikey’.

l have decided not to ride this morning. Still very cold and some snow on the ground. And my joints are very stiff to-day. Hate not being able to do things that l love. Shall get dressed up to take the dogs out though.


Hi Frances. You know you really are a wonder with all your activities. Amazing woman! I am just imagining you as a pioneer, going across unknown lands to build a settlement. The woman who everyone goes to with a problem and you sort it out for them.

luv Pollx

luv Pollx

All I will say is this ‘it’s about time somebody tied you up’…xxx

I hope you get as many miles as you can under your belt, good for you, go for it.

As for marshalling, i know you would rather be competing, but without people like you who are willing to give your time the sport could not happen. I have done jump judging in the past, both when I was a young fit thing & just a few years ago when I still lived in Wales…again it means the sport can take place & it’s good fun.