High vitamin b12?

Hi everyone,

I’m chasing a diagnosis & just had blood work done. I was curious what my b12 level was because I know a deficiency can mimic ms symptoms. My level is 1009 & normal range is 135-653. Last year my gp recommended I start a b12 supplement when my level was 133 (I took the recommended dose) I’ve googled & found it’s hard to overdose b12 & too high levels are often due to liver or kidney disfunction. I still have to discuss the results with my GP.

Has anyone else had high b12 levels?



Not related, but for B12, I drink OXO & have ox tail soup.

The vitamin scheme, seems related to having a low immune system.

Oatcakes with mushrooms & tomatoes does the trick with me. Especially with brown sauce.

Take it easy Jo & stay cool.