Hi all hope your enjoying the weekend. Just wondering what your B12 readings were, when they were considered low enough to cause problems. As mine has come back very satisfactory at a 248 reading my mum who has B12 injections regularly reckons that in other countries such as Japan, readings less than 400 is considered low. Where in this country the reading has to be according to my gp has to be under 180 your thoughts please would be appreciated. Jo x

223 is the lowest range in my area anything under the test repeated and treated if still under Axx

Thank you for your reply. I wonder why it’s different in different areas. I am interested arwen because I’m concrerned as a limbolander, that I could have something that could be easily treated but is being ignored because I don’t fit the low criteria. It is so hard to get a bit of common sense don’t you think. I say this because my mri was clear but definitely got some de-myelation and generally feeling like most of you guys on this forum trying to make sense of all of this. jo

Jo, I am on B12 , and whilst I can’t be 100%, I thought the normal range was between 200-1000. So whilst your reading is between the range it is at the lower end of that range. It’s worth pursuing at the GP. My b12 injections made a significant improvement to my memory/concentration etc. There are links I believe between ms and b12 deficiency, not that people who have b12 deficiency go on to have ms but that people who have ms are more likely to have a b12 deficiency. Yvette

Thanks Yvette, your right I should push the gp more particularly as my mum has to have injections and she is like a new woman for 75. I just keep going around around in circles. Since my mri was clear I think one minute it could be fybromyalgia the next coeliac problems (I’ ve put myself on that diet now for 3 months helped my stomach but not the probs with legs and there is no evidence to suggest that’s the probs. then I think it could be the start off ppms or that it’s all in my head! I wish I could just get on with it instead of having to try and work out what it is!! What I can say for shore is that things are not right and this forum is the only place where there is some direction .and common sense no matter what my problem is. The reason I am concerned about the B12 is that something could be getting ignored that could be the simple answer and the damage could be halted even if not healed. One thing this experience has given me is a whole lot of empathy and renewed understanding for ms sufferers.and the many many limbo landers Thanks for your advice sorry for the splurge Jo x

No worries Jo, I think it is sometimes hard to push for what we want when we are with the GP, what you have to remember is that they are General Practitioners and we are experts when it comes to ourselves. When I come and bring my problems to the forum I feel normal and not alone. I am waiting for my MRI results and if they were to come back clear I don’t know what I will do, as stupid as it sounds, I want a diagnosis so I can say ‘its this’ and I can get on with . Limbo land is not good for anyone’s health. Yvette

Hi Yvette just seen your post thanks for your thoughts I will remember what you said next time I see the gp. How did my text turn red? Jo x