High Settings for Evoked Potential Tests

My tests have come back normal but I am still puzzled as to why one leg would need a so much higher level of voltage (or whatever the unit) 18 compared to 4, and yet this to be of no clinical significance. I am assuming there is a basic expectation of symmetry to be applied here. A lot of you have reported similar experiences. Has anyone queried this and got any answers? My neuro wasnt that sure himself - in fact this difference hadnt even been reported to him, but he speculated about different thicknesses of fat perhaps. Well I’ve never found one foot to be different from the other in terms of fat, so I’m still struggling with that one. A lot of you have reported similar experiences. Has anyone queried this and got any other answers?

Hi mrbob- I had this too (you posted on my wall to say you did) but I’m afraid I didn’t query it. I’m seeing a professor of neurology in July at the JR, I could ask him. I’ve been getting better and better over last couple of weeks and thought I was out of the woods but now bam I’ve been hit with really bad buzzing in legs and arms (arms is a new place for this) and very stiff muscles. Have slept all afternoon too when should be writing reports!

How are you doing at the moment? What did the neurologist say about other things? Are you still managing to teach?


hello! is it just me or there a lot of teachers with ms? perhaps it’s just that we can’t stop talking about work - or perhaps we’re working ourselves sick?? who knows, but I’m one too…

Me too, supply teacher, not able to work any more! Teresa xx

There do seem to be a lot of us. The neurologist said he sees a lot of teachers too. The training should come with a warning!! In my real life I don’t ‘actually’ know another teacher with ms though, only on here.

Maybe we are just the people who can’t resist forums


Me too! My medical retirement officially started last week.

I know at least 4 other ex-teachers in the support groups I go to. It does seem weird doesn’t it?

Sarah x

Is there something we do that makes us more likely to get MS? It would be great if research could be done on this. Teresa xx

My son has a teacher with MS too who is in an electric chair.

Looks like I am not one of them thankfully from the results I’ve just had back: various MRIs (without contrast); EPs; EMG; and Lumbar Puncture with no significant findings. Just a question mark over leg EP - different speeds for each leg but not enough to discount a non clinical cause e.g. measurement point variations, and then of course my own puzzlement raised in this thread. Also, results of an eye investigation have just revealed the probable cause of my blurred vision (washed out lettering ang grey smudges in text) - something called retinal streaking. On the other hand, it doesnt seem to explain the episodes of double vision; ghosting, circular phosphenes and photophobia. So now I’m trying to get my head round the idea that it must be in my head that my leg gives way or shakes, or my bladder decides to have a squirt, or my cencentration drains away. Must be a real nutter!

If I remember rightly you only started on this road last year - and don’t those in the ‘real know’ say it can take far longer for damage to show on tests? I’m in a similar boat to you mrbob but my gp won’t hear of it. Even the neurologist is sending me to a superior for a second opinion despite the fact that he can only think it must be functional. I know it isn’t and I don’t think yours is either - no, our bladders do not give up so easily and no, our legs don’t give way for no reason or feet burn or legs buzz constantly for 3 months still ongoing or myoclonic jerks start one day and only fade away 6 months later etc etc for some brainstrain thing that has only progressed in name from hysteria to conversion to functional because patients don’t like the name rather than any new finding in its cause.

I think if we have something organic like ms or similar it will make itself obvious on tests in good time so don’t give up and certainly don’t think that you’re a nutter - not as far as the physical symptoms go anyway


Hi Hetty - it’s very good that you’re under a new neurology team and can be assessed again. It will be interesting to see if anything shows up in the tests now. How long is it since your functional diagnosis? Do your sensory symptoms stay all the time or are they ‘fleeting’? Are they one sided or both?

For me the buzzing has been consistent for about 10 weeks but at varying intensities and is often accompanied by sharp ‘prickling’ sensations. It’s in both feet, legs and progressed up into the pelvic area about three weeks ago and is now in my left arm too. The burning foot is random - always in my right foot but comes and goes. I used to have the feeling of warm water running down the back of my right leg but that has gone. I also get myoclonic jerks and muscle twitches. My left leg goes like jelly and buckles when I’ve done too much or I’m overtired. I am also newly suffering from bad stiffness in my leg muscles which kept me awake a lot last night as they kept tensing up - I feel like I ran a marathon in the night!

I hope, at the very least, I get fit out of this without even leaving my chair!!

Thanks debc, I just feel idiotic having to relate everything with the HR Dept at work and Occupational Health or discussing with colleagues. Yes I am teaching back full time since just after beginning of this year, but I dont have a form group and certain other duties are lighter. I cant see how these things can just happen out of the blue. Got to go, being hassled for attention from my son.