high risk of developing MS

Hi new on here, my friends partner has been told (by GP) that she is very high risk for developing MS (based on lab tests, med history (mum RIP with MS).
Both are trying to absorb the news. Any tips on how I can support and tips on common well-meaning but inappropriate comments to avoid.

To avoid well-meaning but inappropriate comments, read the booklets (or pdf’s thereof) published by MS Society and MS Trust. Among the range of subjects are helping friends & family deal with the news that someone has been diagnosed.

Beyond that, there are all sorts of technical papers, however there is a world of difference between being at very high risk and actually having a diagnosis. MS is incurable and currently, it isn’t something you can vaccinate against either though research is beginning towards that.


The high-risk of developing MS can certainly feel like a curveball, and I totally get why it raises some concerns.

As for your question about whether the information on the “niche marketplace” is reliable, I think it’s important to tread carefully. When it comes to medical advice or products, I prefer sticking to well-known sources and established medical professionals. That being said, niche markets can sometimes offer unique perspectives and lesser-known options, but it’s always wise to take a moment to weigh the pros and cons before diving in.