I got my diagnosis in February and really have been in denial since 

Over the last couple of years I have had three or four episodes of visual issues and then completley lost my sight in November it came back slowly over about six weeks but is still really poor in my right eye.I had issues with balance and movement too.

I am waiting on PCT decisions re drug therapy which my consultant has recommended as my MS seems to be relatively progressive.I am due to have a baby in July which complicates things but I am really keen to have a plan in place for after the birth to try and control any progression as much as possible.

Ive lurked around the site recently and really just wanted to say hello



Hello to you too Ellie! x

I'm not diagnosed so I don't know anything about drugs etc. It's early days for you though - I would think it takes a while to come to terms with things xxx

I can however sympathise with your vision problems - a couple of years ago I totally lost my sight for 4 hours - that was scary enough. I have also had several episodes of double vision that can last for a few minutes to a few hours or days.

I then went and had an accident with a coat toggle hitting me in the eye - that caused inflammation in my optic nerve to flare up & I couldn't see anything out of both eyes for a week or so - then vision came back in my right eye but I remained virtually blind in my left for 6 weeks or so - then it slowly improved over a year. They think I could have been having ON for a few years - and I've just been diagnosed with glaucoma as well!! Happy days eh!!! x

How lovely to be expecting a June baby!!!!

I just love babies!! xxxjenxxx