Hi I’m new here

Hi I have just recently had my diagnosis from my neurologist. I have still to go to the clinic and feel in limbo a bit. I was hoping to tackle a few things this year such as my first ultra marathon and a couple more marathons and don’t really know where I stand now. Also my wife seems to be struggling with the diagnosis does anybody have any advice on how I can help her?

hi KD

first up you have to allow it all to sink in.

when you go to the clinic, is this to see the neuro because if so you should be offered a DMD so look these up.

the MS trust have lots of info on these drugs.

you should also be allocated an ms nurse.

maybe your marathons will have to be put on hold but training for them will help you keep your fitness levels up.

ask your ms nurse about your wife’s issue with your diagnosis.

the ms therapy centres are great places for people with ms and their families.

find out where your nearest one is and give it a try.

there is always a crowd sat around having coffee and loads of therapies on offer.

your wife could book a massage, a bit of pampering always helps.

carole x

Thanks Carole it just seems all a bit surreal just now and I’m not sure about how to go forward. Hopefully I will hear soon from the clinic


You may find helpful. The MS Trust have a lot of extremely helpful guides to a wide variety of aspects of MS. As does this site.

I hope you find some help for you and your wife. It’s really not easy getting your heads around the diagnosis. If you have specific problems or questions, ask on here, or on the Newly Diagnosed forum. Someone will usually try to help.


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Hi, It is a tough one when you are first diagnosed. Shortly after my dx my MS nurse came to me and discussed meds etc. We also went to a newly diagnosed day which I found helpful. Hopefully you will have one near you too. It may also help your wife. I have found lots of support through this forum and lately by meeting up with others with MS, through local groups arranged by MS society. It’s taken me a few years to get to this point tho…when first diagnosed i didnt really want to know. So dont rush any thing. Also, check to see if you have critical illness insurance. We did and it payed our mortgage off, which meant i didn’t have to worry about not working for a bit. We are all here for you…take care, Emma x

Whenever I have one of my regular appointments with the MS Nurse I always bring my wife and allow her to ask any questions.

As you have realised, MS doesn’t just affect one person, it has an affect on relationships too.



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Absolutely, my husband has as much of a relationship with doctors, nurses, physios, etc as I have. And they’ll quite happily talk to him as he lives with MS just as I do.


Different people take on difficult information like an MS dx in different ways and at different speeds, even when they’re on the same side. That can mean that person A thinks that person B is overreacting, while person B thinks that Person A just hasn’t heard the penny drop yet.

I think it’s a matter now of the pair of you listening to each other, trying your best to see things through the other’s eyes, and helping each other through.

Good luck.


Thanks everyone it’s early days but we both have a few days off together now so hopefully we can talk about things properly and without the kids interrupting

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