Hi I am new here awaiting Neurology appointment

Hello there I’m new today. I’m 49 and live in West London and am having multiple symptoms so have been referred by my gp to a Neurologist. Just awaiting an appointment with them now. I’m really struggling with extreme fatigue leading me to sleep during day and dizziness where the room keeps spinning. I have other symptoms but these are causing me the most problems right now so any tips gratefully received. Thank you.

Hi Endielle, can offer you any tips, just want to say you are not alone. I’m in exactly the same position as you. Struggling with dizziness, numbness and fatigue. Waiting to see a neurologist too. Hope you get some answers soon.

Hi Endielle,

Dizziness and vertigo are pretty unpleasant. I found that there are some eye and head exercises that can help a little.

Rainbow Rehabilitation Careers: Vestibular Rehabilitation Exercises Pdf (

And fatigue is a brutal git, you will need to observe, learn and build your strategy. Some people plow through and take the hit, others might manage their energy like a battery. I tend to pace myself, if I have a busy day, I try to follow that with some quality downtime. It all depends on your specific circumstances, so try to remember what happens following each particular time.
All the best

Hello Endielle

Micks (@Mogace ) link to exercises for vertigo/dizziness symptoms is excellent. I’ve had vertigo several times and these are the kind of exercises that really help. Unfortunately, in the short term the symptoms may get a bit worse through doing exercises but ultimately you’ll get better and the room will stop spinning around you.

With regard to fatigue, the general rule of thumb is to give in to it. You can try to push through and just keep on going, but that’s likely to just add to the fatigue. Have a look at Fatigue | MS Trust


Thank you I will try them. I need something. as for the fatigue I fall asleep every day now. around 2pm ish. then I dont wake til late evening. then im asleep again by midnight at latest til morning. im hardly ever awake. it’s so debilitating.

thank you for you reply I need to try something it’s had me out for the count for 3 days straight now (it comes and goes over the months) even though I have prochiorperazine for it. i feel like im getting off the waltzer all the time when I get up.

I might be full of cr*p but I believe that sleep is part of the brain’s defence and rebuild system. Fatigue is a real git and I will do whatever I can to avoid it. I would also advocate working at the vertigo exercises, they really helped me.