Hi everyone 🧡👋

thats so nice thank you. and the same to you Emma x

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I went numb from the waist down, it took months to resolve itself. I was told it was a damaged vertebrae on the mri…not until my next episide 3 years later was I given a head mri did they realise was ms.

Once the relapse goes I forget I have ms, though my feet have had some numbness for almost 15 years now.

Currently my feet are the worse they have been - added to my left arm & hand which doesnt know how it’s feeling…

I’m just ticking off the days and hoping that this relapse is gone by the end of summer. …if not I jut need to get used to it and not let it worry me.


Have you been told that what you are currently suffering from is a relapse? Only, I would have thought you would be given steroids if so. I mean I’m not certain, its just as I understand it, if you arent treat, there will likely be lasting damage. Perhaps its more of a flare, rather than a relapse? As I say, Im not 100%, but I worry for you if you are just being left to fet on with it.

I understand how you feel re your feet not being right. I was left with numbness, muscle stiffness etc in my feet and legs after my last relapse two and a half years ago. My symptoms worsen when stressed/tired etc, as with everyone else here I’m sure.

I do hope you start to feel better soon x

Hi there Em

I would say this is my most serious episode in 15 years …I dont really want to be drug dependent so not a fan of steroids.

I am pretty good at just getting on with things. I would describe this as an attack of sorts, new areas affected. I am still able to work & I do cover 10,000+ steps daily.

A few things are repeat flare ups. Discomfort & numbness rather than pains…I am getting used to it daily now, but would like to go back to how I was last September…

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I dont blame you for not wanting to be drug dependant, especially when it comes to steroids. I guess only you know your own body and what you can cope with. I have thought about reducing my pregabalin to eventually see if I could manage without as Im very wary now of the negative affects medications can also have on you. Whether or not I’d cope with my symptoms without it I dont know.

Do you do much ‘self care’ or diet wise to help manage symptoms?

I just keep active, I have a plant based diet. I was told that dairy was beneficial but I am enjoying a non processed diet.

Cutting out dairy and losing around 18kg in weight has been good for me I get plenty of sleep & have cut down alcohol intake.

I take a lot of multivitamins…plenty of fruit & veg, I drink a lot if mineral water.

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Morning Emma, like you I am new to this forum but am looking forward to getting to know you and others. Over the years I have known 2 people with ms, one at work who only ever briefly talked about how she was diagnosed. She was always concerned about how colleagues would view her. I am a bit the same to be honest. The other person, hard to explain but she was so open to the point that I daren’t say anything about any symptoms I had in case she thought I was making it up. From reading various posts and responses. I am sure you are going to feel at home here and get lots of support.

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I am the person at work who is asked daily to carry heavy items, climb ladders & do the physical tasks.

Since 2012 I have been fine being the person who never said no…last September I moved to a less physical department and recently I have refused to carry or go up ladders. I told my manager & she has notified Occupational Health & Branch support.

So work will get easier thankfully. Only my manager knows about my MS - work is very gossipy, I just told my colleagues I have weakness in arms & legs due to a Neurological issue.

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Hey @Rogue

Yes, Im feeling really positive about this forum already. So many lovely people have already reached out and its actually really heart warming. I look forward to getting to know you, and everyone else here too.

Im lucky that I mostly work from home as a self emplyed artist, but do have a part time merchandising job and the few colleauges I deal with are very underatanding when it comes to my MS. I dont really talk about it with them generally, but i did have to make them aware when i took the job as i needed every 4th Monday off for treatment.

I hope you are doing ok

Em x


Hmmm, its a funny one if you work somewhere that can be ‘gossipy’ It makes you reluctant to share things. I feel comforrable sharing with the few people i work with, in that they wouldnt talk about me, but at the same time don’t much really, because I still cant get past that feeling that Im boring people and they dont want to hear about it.

You do right putting you and your health first, and finally saying no to things. It can be hard, but its important.

When I say gossipy, everyone knows everyone’s business. A couple of the staff have had a terrible time recently with family bereavements…

If I said “oh by the way I have MS, many would say well you look fine.” My ex manager is a blabber & I never said a word to him. I asked my new manager to keep it quiet and she has.

Work is okay, I try not to exert myself too much - I am working 7 days in the next 9 which is not the best.

Hello Emma, welcome! :blush:

I have RRMS and was diagnosed last year. This forum is currently my only source of MS connections. I have known people with MS in the past, friends, colleagues etc. I keep meaning to join a Zoom call with my local MS group and I keep forgetting! The struggle with fatigue is real! :see_no_evil: :joy:

Hi @Kirsten

Youre very right, the fatigue is real! I hope you are doing ok generally, and suffering with too many symptoms.

This forum has been great, definitely the best one I have been on. Everyone is very welcoming.

I was actually thinking about trying to set up my own meet up. Just for a coffee or something. I thought I’d perhaps leave details next time I go for treatment. One of the nurses said she would let others know, and I’ll just leave my number for anyone who is interested. Whether or not they would be though, I dont know. :woman_shrugging:

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@Kirsten that should read ‘not suffering with too many syptoms’ :see_no_evil:

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@Tarka2022 Wow!! 7 days out of 9, I hope you are feeling ok.

I’m pleased your manager has respected your wishes. It can be tricky to keep something quiet in the workplace.

Yes well I dont stretch myself …but I really appreciate my days days off :relieved:…the commute is a hike…but thankfully door to door almost

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Thanks, Emma! :hugs: I’m doing ok, thanks.

That’s a great idea about leaving contact info when you go for treatment. I have an upcoming appointment and might do the same too - worth a short, right? :slight_smile: Hope you’re having an easy weekend.

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Hello nice to meet you. I was only diagnosed on Thursday so I’m new on here too.

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Hi @GailMarie68, just saw you have dropped a message on the welcome and introductions, going to check your post out not, welcome :blush:.



I hope youre doing ok? Was it a bit of a shock, or has it been a diagnosis you have been waiting a long time to hear?

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