Hi everyone....Newly diagnosed here

Hi all im newly diagnosed and just wanted to chat to some people who will understand how im feeling. Dont get me wrong my family are here for me and my boyfriend who i live with jas been amazing… doing everything he can for me when ive not been able or suddenly found something difficult that i used to be able to do (hes been doing everything around the house and just making me rest) but he still doesnt understand how i feel emotionally and why im getting upset sometimes. Not his fault at all but thats why i wanted to come on here and chat to you lovely people. Whats everyones story and how have they managed to get their heads around it and come to terms with it. I told my boyfriend of 4 years that i think we should end the relationship as i dont want to ruin his life and be a burden (i want him to have the best happiest life and not me stuxk looking after me) but hes adamant he is going to be there no matter what. Has anyone else felt like this? I just feel like a waste of space right now. Hoping mentally it gets easier. Look forward to reading your replies!

Hello, welcome to the forum. I am 50 now but was 23 when I was diagnosed. I thought all those things you mentioned. I didn’t want to be a burden and how can I expect others to live with the unknown.
It takes time to get it clear in your head and to be hones it took me ages (years) but talking about it does help. Like I said almost 30 years later I am still here and while everyone is different in the main I have done normal stuff going on holiday had kids etc etc
Give yourself time its quite a lot to get your head around, your boyfriend may not know how you feel and maybe he never will but he sounds a good guy.

You are not a waste of space and with luck things will work out ok


Hi lovely. I got diagnosed in 2019 so still new for me too. It honestly does get easier, it’s just a lot to handle and a massive change to your normal way of life. I still feel all those things you mentioned some days but we’ve just got to stay positive because we’re strong! Your boyfriend sounds lovely because he’s right, you’re not a burden. Everyone’s different at the end of the day :slight_smile:

Hi all, not sure where to start, I’m in year 5 of diagnosis and I am already in an assisted living accommodation, “retired”, living on benefits. Having given up a successful career and very independent life I am struggling majorly with acceptance.
I’ve noticed that as yet there are no groups meeting up locally due to covid. Would anyone be interested in meeting up for a coffee and chitchat until the groups reform? I just need help talking ms through with others in the same situation? There’s a lovely coffee shop near where I live xx

Hey newly diagnosed here too with RRMS 3 wks ago, had a probably ms when was 36 wks pregnant and since having my baby im on relapse number 2 within 5 wks of each other, back on steroids and waiting to start treatment. Nice to know there is a community here for everyone as even though family support its nice to chat with people who understand how we all feel

What a time for you, congratulations on your new baby - super exciting. I hope the MS will calm down for you so you can enjoy all the fun of a new baby. It takes a little time to get used to the MS and it takes even longer to get used to children!!