Hi, concerned

Hi everyone,

I’m not sure that i’m in the right place but here goes.

March this year I was diagnosed with optic neuritis and sent for an MRI, i’m claustraphobic so opted for a CT scan instead (didn’t know then what I know now).

Neuritis cleared up within about a month (still some vision loss), I went back to see the opthamologist and the drops he put in my eye aggravated the neuritis but a week later had improved.

Sunday, I started with a sunburn/numb type feeling in my left leg so of I trot to the doctors who suggested it could be MS and refered me to a neurologist. I can’t get an apointment till August so i’m kind of stuck now (and very worried).

The feeling on the skin on my leg is improving but I have a very numb and painful to touch foot (if that makes sense).

Does this sound like a symptom? I’m so worried.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Liza, it is I think it is fair to say that the symtoms you describe are found in ms but can also be caused by many other conditions, vitamin B12 deficiency being one of them. I had another MRI scan recently and as I was lying there I was wondering how people who suffer calustraphobia cope with them, I hope there is something they can give you so you can cope with the MRI. I am not sure what the difference is between a CT scan and an MRI when it comes to image quality etc but most of people on here talk about their MRI scans. I haven’t really been much help but I just wanted to say you are in the right place to talk about these things and feel free to ask any questions you you like, I sure someone will be able to offer some advice and support.

hi, i have very bad claustrophobia. Just to say i used the blind fold and told myself im inbed. Thefrist time took 15 mins and 3 attempts to get me in. but it worked. then i had another last week and was fine since i knew the blind fold works.

Im glad (i suppose) i went through with it as i had lesions so at least in right step towards help. I promise this method works. Im so scarred of confined spaces i hyperventilate being hugged if my head is too covered.


Hello and welcome :slight_smile:

Yes, you’re definitely in the right place: even if it turns out not to be MS (as gf said, there are many alternatives), we all understand what you’re going through and can hopefully offer you some support along the way.

A numb, burning, painful to the touch leg makes perfect sense :slight_smile: For burning, ice packs (or even heat pads) can help as can distraction (watching movies, playing video games, a good book, etc). For painful to the touch skin / hypersensitivity, it can help to always keep very smooth fabric next to it. Unfortunately, there’s no trick for numbness, that I know of anyway. If the pain is persevering and bothering you, then you could ask your GP for a neuropathic painkiller, e.g. amitriptyline, pregabalin, gabapentin.

Unfortunately, MRI is a pretty key tool in diagnosing MS so it would be a lot easier if you could manage to have one done. A blind fold / eye mask may do the trick for you, but if you don’t think it’ll work, you could ask your GP for a sedative too. Saying that, it’s not absolutely essential to have an MRI so don’t despair if you think it’s impossible.

Finally, do try not to google too much! It’s a sure-fired way of scaring oneself silly! The internet is full of horror stories and some sites are full of utter garbage about MS; the truth is a lot less scary than they make out. But that’s getting too far ahead: it may not be MS after all - it may even be something treatable.

Karen x

Thank you for the warm welcome and the reassurance. I’m trying to stay away from google as I am driving myself daft :slight_smile: I understand I can get a sedative for the MRI so hopefully I’ll be ok. I do find the scan the scariest part I think. Liza