hey ya not sure if im doin this right but im cher im 37 and i have a perpherial neuropathy which is very similar to ms … Just want to chat to people make new friends etc … start a convo …

Hullo, Cher - I’m Marcus and I’ve had MS for ~14 years. I don’t know what ‘perpherial neuropathy’ is but there again I’m a bit lost with my own MS. How are you feeling?

Hi Marcus my symptoms are numbness tingling lost of sensation in my right foot and hand im on gabapentin for the pain so im feelin pretty rough at times x icannot walk without a walking frame or crutches . I have been told by my neuroglist that with MS its the central nervous system and with my condition its my pererpherial nervous system !!!. I gather your symptoms are similar to mine ???

Hello i have had two mri lots of blood tests electrial conduction studies ct scan mamogram two lumbar puntures nerve and muscle biopsys . I have been told i have no lesions !!! it was thought i had MS to start with !!! from what i have read and been told about my symptoms are just the same as people with MS any thoughs ??? cher x