Hey all update

Hi everyone, have not been on here for a while…not been having a great time and my eyes still bad and light sensitivity is getting worse. Boohoo also now have had tendernitis in left forearm and wrist…partly due am sure to my trike breaking down and freewheeling my dogs for walks…went to drs and she gave me neutropenia and need to rest it…not easy when you have to wheel yourself about. Fell out of chair thurs…and instinctively put my bad arm out to brace my fall…oops and it’s inflamed the tendinitis to all of my wrist…so had to go and get checked out no fracture but swollen and inflamed…can things get any worse I ask myself…am usually positive and up beat but last two weeks have been tough… Back to see eye neuros next wk…see what they say. Got my copy of MRI brain from feb…doesn’t make sense to me but they def didn’t scan my eyes…so how can they say no inflammation re optic neuritis…MRI doesn’t explain oscillopsis, now in both eyes…dr suggests a scan of eyes. And not sure if this could be done as the oscillopsia is there all the time even when eyes closed…so getting a good image could be tricky?.and the lesion in brain is poss age related but again not def in that respect… The lesion is near junction at right parietal lobe. Also have pituitary that is convex in upper part and the lesion is superatentorial in right parental lobe. Also a small Cavum septum vergae noted…think this may be congetital not sure. Lol hope rizzo can help on that
Still waiting for neuro referral but if am honest will feel more relieved once seen him…as other symptoms ongoing and can’t recess airily be put down to original tea in 1994 will see I guess…
Em xx

Hey Em!!! Missed you!!! Have sent you a Pm x

It looks like it's been a mad week for you x I think you should treat yourself to something really nice - just to compensate a bit xxxjenxxx

Hi Em, flipping Nora- you've had a time of it- hope your Neuro appointment goes to plan when you get it- take care honey, not sure what id do if my scooter broke down- tie the dogs to the front to pull i expect- theres enough of them!!


Hey kizzy and bc…thanks you two…it has been a tough time for sure…yep doggies will pull me but could do with huskies not whippets/lurchers lol neddd an obliging squirrel to run ahead lol then I would be off like rocket…haha trying to chill…but will treat myself to a scummy meal later… Hope rizzo is ok…caught up on threads…
Thanks kizzy I did reply to your pm…did you get it…
Em xx

I hope you ment scrummy meal ...happy

Im going o'natural food wise, i think part of my problem at the mo is migraines and im hoping if im right and i can get them under control ill feel a lot better, i had a little 'now knowingly stupid' experiment last night and found lots of food with msg and nitrates in and ate itconfused by 3 this morning i was chucking my guts upsick and have had the migraine from hell ever since, so im going to give it a go- you never know i may get in to some smaller knickersthumbsup

take Care honey


Hey bc…oops yes meant scrummy meal…
Aww sounds a plan for you Hun and migraines…Lol re smaller knickers…haha xx

Hey bc…oops yes meant scrummy meal…
Aww sounds a plan for you Hun and migraines…Lol re smaller knickers…haha xx

Sorry not much help but your lurcher is gorgeousheart I have a smooth coated one and was planning on getting a rough coat as well but somehow ended up with a homeless cockapooconfused

I'm too much of a soft touch!!

What the heck is a cockapoo???? lololx

Hiya scoobie good to have you back....not so good with all the stuff thats going wrong for you,

We are always here for you.

Take care Pip

Jen he is a cocker spaniel x poodle. I hate these silly names for cross breeds but if I just say the cross people always correct me so I have given up lol

Scoobie I'm sorry for taking your thread off topic blush Hope you feel better soon x