Here we go again....!

Over the past couple of months or so, I have been enjoying that fact that many of my neuro symptoms had subsided, and, in fact, were hardly noticeable over the past 3-4 weeks. I still have the constant imbalance/vertigo and debilitating fatigue, but not a lot of the other annoying, scary, debilitating stuff.

However, over the last couple of days it seems that all this stuff is gradually creeping back in. This is especially noticeable in my legs, especially on my ‘bad’ (right) side.

Over the last few days I have also had a few ‘brain somersault’ moments…not sure how to describe these, but it feels just like my brain has done a complete somersault in my head. These leave me feeling very weird, ‘out of it’ and generally horrible. I also seem to be even more fatigued than usual, if that’s possible.

Anyway, last night as I was getting ready to go to bed I had another one of these funny ‘somersault’ events, which left me feeling really horrible. I had to sit down quickly and could only sit, staring into space for about 5 minutes before I felt ready to move. Once I did move, my right leg felt really numb, tingly, heavy and just weird…almost as if it wasn’t my leg but a false one! I went to bed feeling a little weird and even more imbalanced than normal. I noticed that the numb/tingly/weird feeling didn’t go away, but spread to the whole of my right side from my shoulder down. I had numbness, tingling, cold feeling on the whole of the right hand side of my back, my right arm, my right leg and everywhere else in between (!).

I have woken up this morning and my right arm and leg still feel very ‘floaty’, heavy, tingly, numb and just not right. I feel exhausted and very imbalanced.

I’m scared I may have had a stroke, but don’t want to make a fuss or worry anyone. I did notice that I was struggling to speak clearly on and off during the evening yesterday, but just put this down to the normal fatigue.

Not really sure why I’ve posted this…I think I just feel rubbish and don’t want to worry my wonderfu hubby on his day off, so thought I’d bore you lot with my woes instead!

Oh, by the way…I’m not dx (all tests ‘normal’) but do seem to follow a RR pattern most of the time with the neuro stuff.

If this had happened to your husband would you advise him to go to A&E? Just because you have or suspect you have MS doesn’t mean everything you have is MS related. Hope you get sorted and feel better soon Jan

Hello purpledot Why don’t you give the 111 non emergency number a ring and speak to them about your symptoms. You also need to let your husband know. X

Hallo hun. How are you feeling now?

There is obviously something not quite right. If you do feel those weird feelings again, please alert someone. Your hubby wouldnt be happy if it is a stroke and you`d kept quiet, eh?

luv Polx

Aw no :s I can sympathise hunni, my last relapse was very similar and I’m not looking forward to the reappearance. To be on safe side, get it checked if you’re worried. It may be a relapse with new symptoms for you but at least you will have peace of mind.xx

Thanks everyone for your support and advice. I am still feeling weird, and my leg is definitely not behaving itself. I stupidly attempted to walk, with my crutches, a short distance outside the house and was shocked at how I struggled with the right leg. I ended up literally dragging it. I even struggled to use the crutches as my wrists hurt and arms felt so weak.

No idea if this is a relapse of whatever I may have, but will definitely let someone know if it continues like this.

Thanks again for all your support xxxxxx

PS: Hubby saw how much I struggled walking, so is well aware of the situation. He’s my rock, but I try and keep stuff from him as much as possibe as he has so much on his plate, bless him. Don’t know what I’d do without him, to be honest.

You have may every sympathy, it is so hard to know what is what when you are plagued with so many symptoms. I experienced something similar and my doctor thought I had had a small TIA. If what you describes happens again, my advise wold be to ring the nhs helpline, at least they can advise you. Don’t be in my position where I have said, ‘if I don’t wake the pain started there’. Sorry to be grim, but just because you have 1 set of symptoms doesn’t mean that life can throw something else at you. Take care Lou x