here I go again... I think?

Hi Everyone

Just wondering if anyone can give me some advice. As I have mentioned before I have had an inconclusive MRI and am now waiting for a lumber puncture. My consultant believes ms is a strong possiblity as I present with L’Hermitttes numbness and tingling and have immediate family members with ms.

Many months ago I had dizziness when I lay down especially when I turned my head to the right, I never connected it to possible ms but after research I can see it is very common.

The Lhermittes has left me now a few weeks but over the past few days the dizziness has come back, I have also been having a dull burning pain in my neck and shoulder that I put down to needing to replace my pillows.

Today the neck and shoulder pain is as bad and the bottom of my back is as if my back is going to snap in half, then this afternoon the pain in my lower back felt as if there was a large ball sticking into me, as if something was stuck in my back and its now travelling into my hip I also have a tightening pain in the calfs of my legs. Im feeling like a hypocondric and really dont want to ask the doctor. I just wondered if anyone can relate and worry that if it is ms am I having a relapes.


Hi Ruby, as you are already being seen for possible ms, I think it would be wise to go to your GP with your new symptoms if you need help dealing with them. After all, doctors are here to help us! I can relate to dizziness, shoulder pain and tight calf muscles. Hope you feel better soon :heart:

Hi Ruby My initial mri from 2 yr back was also inconclusive as lesions were non specific. My story is complex in that I had a bad neuro experience so that by the time I got sent to a new neuro then ms specialist I was heaps better. I’ve since then had 2 more episodes and neuro wanted to look for more evidence as he believes if is ms. Just had repeat mrid as we las lp and vep. So our stories seem slightly similar. I would see the Gp I ur struggling with any symptoms. If they are there for longer than a day maybe let the neuro sec know so it’s documented. Good luck I hope the lp gets u some answers. Reemz X