Mum diagnosed yesterday aged74 looking for any help advise thanx

Hi Gemini 66,

Sorry that your Mum has been diagnosed. Hope her symtoms aren’t too bad.

Being on this website is a good start for help. Top of the page, orange banner is a great source of info. About MS,Care and support.

My top tip is to keep a diary about symptoms and when they start/end.

Hope your Mum keeps well and has an MS nurse to help if needed.

Best wishes,


Hi sorry your mum as been diagnosed with ms, i think keeping active is the best thing for me beening out in the fresh air really helps trying to have something to look forewards too, my husband brought me a book by Judy Graham MS NATURALLY it s got some great advice in, it really helped me when i was first diagnosed, your mum is really lucky to have a daughter like you, thats what is the most importance thing to have people around you who care.Sue


The MS Society has lots of online resources that can help. Have an explore of these pages, they cover all sorts of things.


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gosh thats a good age to be diagnosed with ms, 74. can i ask how long had she been having symptoms etc. I dont think much will change for her, she just needs to keep on doing what she has been. plenty of good food, fresh air, a bit of exercise, and support from family right now is about all she needs.

I found the more i read about MS the more i got confused with it.

I was 65 when i got told i had PPMS. well actually he just said progessive MS i assuming it was PPMS. Nothing much has changed apart from i lost my husband a year later.

I have daughters but to be honest they have their own issues, and if i say i am tired, they say they are tired, or well mum your are getting old you know, if i say i am forgetful i get told well its your age.

it drives me mad.

I am tired because i have MS. If i didnt have MS i would still be working as i loved my job. when i say i am forgetful its like a huge chunck of forget BRAIN fog, fatigue so bad i cant move off my recliner.

I eat well and i dont drink or smoke, i try to cope with it all the best i can, so all you can do is listen to your mum treat her normal, and take her out for a few treats i wish mine would do that, rather then make me feel like an invalid.

I dont want to think i am disabled at 68 i feel me lol. anyway encourage her to join us.

we should have a silversurfers club for MS i think lol. xxxxxxxx

Hi CC, not sure any age is a good one to be diagnosed. (sorry, just me being flippant, I do know what you mean). Trying to explain to friends and family the difference between tired, fatigue and being wiped out can be difficult. I have found that I need to use a slightly different vocabulary. If I say that I am very tired, that is just the same as everyone gets, when I say that I am “banjaxed” (pick any word that your family can work with) my close friends or family understand that I can hardly lift my head off the table or that the transition from sitting to standing will take flipping ages and that I will be extra grumpy about every little thing.

Just one of my little coping strategies, we each need to find what works best for our circumstances.

All the best


surprised that someone of your mothers age has been dx’d with m.s.