hello everyone,
9 months ago my sister been diagnosed for MS… few months lateer in June i started to have all type of symptomes,started with a kind of electric chocks in my right arm,than my right hand and foot feeling numb like asleep…Slowly it got worst hands feet knees and a part of my face was feeling numb… i went to see a few neurologist one didnt make any exams and said it s in my mind another in Germany said it was carpal tunnel syndrom(wierd since my face and feet were numb as well) yet she gave me 7 days under prednisone it got a lil better but not for long numbness were back and forth and pain was arrived… i can not move my right leg sometimes it s kinda hard… August 2013 i got face s spasms a lot i was so ugly i stayed locked but it kept going so i got hospitalized for a few days withhigh dose corticoid intra… they made a whole lot of exams than let me go with a rdv with an MS specialist. after seen him he made sure all other potential desease virus ect that look like MS was out of the board and than said i have MS to him BUT he doesnt know what type,i only have amytriptaline for the pain that i have in my arms and legs,i have more and more spasm not just my face now but my back chest and feet all that of course back and forth but not one day without pain or symptoms… i have no treatment for MS and i m really confused does someone has that type of MS?no treatment? the doctor think my spinal has more lesions than my brain(mri in a few days) my brain has 4 i also had a few hours not able to see and my right eyes is wierd since than (also no more balance and so on) thank you very much