Hello I’m new to the forum, For awhile now I’ve been having pain behind my right eye and shooting pain’s on the right side of my head and temple pains, I’ve also been having a tingling sensation in right hand side of head hand and foot, and pins and needles in my right hand and foot, some days I have no energy struggle to concentrate and if I try to much I sometimes get blurred vision, I sweat alot at work even when I don’t do alot i sometimes get dizzy and my balance isn’t good, hopefully I’ll be seeing a neurologist soon and get an mri but has anybody had any of these symptoms and been diagnosed with ms? Thank you for reading

Hello Phil

Welcome to the forum.

You’ll find that the biggest problem with MS is that there are so many varied symptoms that no one person experiences exactly the same MS as another. Also, many other diagnoses share symptoms with MS.

So someone who shares some or all of your symptoms may or may not have MS, just as you may or may not have MS. It’s impossible for us to tell.

It’s good that you’ll soon be seeing a neurologist. What s/he will do is run through your medical history and the symptoms that have brought you to the appointment. Then s/he is likely to do a physical examination before referring you to whatever tests are deemed necessary.

It helps to have written down details of your symptoms, a kind of time line or diary of your symptoms. This will help in the appointment as you can relate what has happened, how long symptoms have lasted, whether symptoms have gone away (and after how long) or stayed with you.

Best of luck with it.


Thanks sue, I’m keeping a daily record of everything I have up and down days it’s been getting slowly worse as time goes on