Hello to all of you, my name is John and I’m 21 years old and I want to tell you guys my story. I was soccer professional player until last winter December, everything was great until maybe 5 years ago when something happened with my eyes, more exactly I am seeing double. I was by several times to hospital because I read About MS symptoms, I went for 3 times to eyes Doctor because at that time I thought maybe double vision is caused by the fact that I am using pc more then 7 sometimes even 12 hours because I have also game addiction. Well, they gave me some glass that works for a while I mean my vision was better but still double which is getting worst in stressful situations and bad feelings . Now I’m in Germany since 6 months I’m leaving alone, work and playing amateur soccer, and last week I decided to go again at the hospital, because I could not continued in that way. They decided to hospitalise me for investigations they did everything that was possible to do. All the test performed were fine : MRI brain Scan, blood test, spinal tap and MRi, they also tested my hands, face, legs with different kind of electrical equipment and also still good. They say they found nothing, and they said maybe all my symptoms are caused by my soul. Yes I can admit that I M not feeling so good alone in another country but it start when I was 17 and maybe to young to be stressed. Maybe it is important that you to know I had several sauna with maybe 60 100 C for muscle recovery and I had no problem with it. And yes in last period I had experienced some tingling in my feet. Tingling and double vision. Thanks for time and consideration. I know my English is poor but I writte here because I am felling like I am at the End of the Game. I feel so bad because I have no answer. John

hello john

don’t worry about your english, it’s fine.

it is a rough time for anyone going through diagnosis.

it must be especially bad for you, being so young with a promising career and now being far from home.

i would imagine that germany has good health care.

where is your home?

do you think the diagnosis procedure would have been better there?

you should be able to choose where you get treatment.

try not to get stressed because medics will put it all down to that.

i can’t help you further as i am not a neurologist and don’t know enough about you.

what i can do is end you waves of love and comfort.

make sure that you look after yourself both physically and mentally.

carole xx

Thanks for reply Carole. I will try new investigations as soon as I will arrive there, but I’m not so confidence either. It’s there any possibility that my double vision is caused by another illness, I mean I had no another experienced symptoms in all this time. I can’t find my place I don’t know where to go. I can’t take tratament since I have no diagnosis yet. John

hi john

have you seen an opthamologist?

it’s more than an optician.

can you understand my writing?

what is your native language?

try posting another thread titled “what can cause double vision?”

good luck xx

Hi John Can you provide more clarity with the vision; sometimes people are describing something called ghosting rather than true double vision, in which there is a partial or fainter “ghost image” around or to the side of what you are looking at, especially a light source. Also is the double image present when one eye is closed or only when both eyes are open.

Yes I had 3 appointments to opthalmology. Yes it is like a ghost image and even with 1 eye closed it is taking worse mostly when I am looking bottom and upside . Thanks for replies

And also is getting worse at night when the natural light is not enough. John

Ghosting present in low light conditions even with one eye closed I think is more likely due to something to do with the structure of the eye that affects light refraction rather than MS related which I believe is more to do with a lack of synchrony in processing the two images from each eye by the brain or inability to bring the two eyes to focus together properly. Ghosting can result from a corneal defect or incipient cataract or damaged contact lens or side effect of eye surgery or perhaps pressure or something pressing on the eye amongst other things. Presume you have been checked for these?

Mrbobowen, thanks for reply. Yes I did but nothing showed up , but I will continue to do it again . If I close one eye, my vision is getting worse.