Help with pins and needles

Hi I’ve not been dx yet but ms has been banded about… I’ve had various tests, all vitamin deficiencies have been ruled out , had head/neck/spine MRI yesterday ( just for a bit of background info) I have a follow up appointment for the end of May ( :-/ ) but my all over pins and needles ( which sometimes feels like I have beasties having a party under my skin) is driving me mad!! It’s not bad all the time but at the moment can be somewhere on my body 24/7… I know that they’re are drugs out there to help but I wondered if I can see me GP for some or if I have to wait to see the consultant in may. Also another wee query… The last neuro appointment I saw a different neuro who thought I had fibromyalgia , but I know someone who has this and I said that my symptoms were similar in some ways but he wasn’t really interested in what I thought! I have since read up on it and definitely don’t think that s what is causing my symptoms, I understand that fibromyalgia main symptoms are excruciating pain and fatigue , I have the fatigue but no real pain as such. Sorry to ramble on but I wondered if anyone of you friendly bunch had any suggestions for managing my p&n problem ( I’ve tried hot water bottles and ice packs but they only helped short term :frowning: ) Any help would be gratefully received Kind regards Ruby xx

Hi, Ruby

Seems a long time to wait until May for the results?

I’m similar to you in limbo, with pins and needles- mine however are in arm/hand both feet and sometimes on face.

I too would be interested in the difference between Fibromyglia and Ms?

Nothing seems ot help my pins and needles, but maybe your gp could help? Mine won’t give anything until dx.

If you reallya re struggling with symptoms why not see if gp has any results in a week or two, they may be then able to push your apt earlier.

Hope you get some answers x

Beth x

I got MRI on wed and will get results within 2 weeks. Phone the neuro sec and check with her but they should definately be there within 2 weeks. I get pins and needles but mostly at night time in bed , only stiffness of right hand, leg foot through the day. My neuro thought neck inflammation but I have googled and worried myself sick with all the worst cases, parkin, motor neurone and ms.

Hi Thanks for your replies… Much appreciated I get p&n’s everywhere and sometimes are so bad it’s like lots of electric shocks … I have them in arms, legs , across shoulders blades , the back of my head, inside ears , face ( especially round lips n chin ) , buttocks etc ( if u catch my drift… Only place I can say I haven’t is my chest lol I think I may wait a couple of weeks then go see my GP and he what, if any help he can give me Hate being in limbo land as I can’t offer an explanation for how I feel :frowning: Regards Ruby x

Folk have said to me that with mtor neurone or ms pins and needles and twitches would be all the time, not only at bedtime or at rest like I get them. I think I have googled and convinced myself it is something serious whereas my neuro when he examined me didn’t seem too concerned although I have just been in a right panic and anxeity and not sleeping etc.

It’s worth trying your GP. Amitriptyline is a cheap antidepressant that can also be effective for neuropathic pain (including sensory symptoms) caused by many conditions - it’s often the one that GP’s are willing to prescribe without a neuro being involved.

If you don’t get anywhere with your GP, try calling the neuro’s secretary and asking for help - the neuro can recommend something that the GP will then (since it’s been approved) prescribe.

Karen x

Thanks again for your wise words Karen ( Rizzo) , I will try my GP and see what he says Worrier27- I wouldn’t google things as that will convince you that you have something more sinister, I know it’s hard and frustrating , not knowing what’s going on but best leave that to the professionals :slight_smile: I think along the lines of ’ it could be worse ’ and thank my blessings that I only have to deal with p&n’s , numbness etc Regards and thanks Ruby

As I said I had my MRI on wed nigh, and not long ago I had a phone call from the neurologist. I really panicked but he was phoning to tell me results , nothing had shown up on brain scan, neck and cervical spine. I was delighted and thanked him for phoning me so quick, I said where do we go fro. Here as. Still have twitchy eye but he said could be anxiety or anything and the pins and needles right hand at bedtime and foot etc. he said he could give tabs for e tingling etc and could follow me up in six months.

I was diagnosed with ME then fibromyalgia in 2002. The main symptoms are extreme fatigue and severe pain in the muscles. I also get stabbing pains like electric shocks and muscle twitches and jumping. I am going through a really bad flare at the moment and due to horrible pain in my knee which radiates up to my hip and down to my ankle can barely walk. Sleep is also really affected and I take amitryptiline to help. I also take codeine, up to 60mg 4 times a day. My rhumatologist has also recently prescribed pregabalin to help with pain.A lot of the symptoms are similar to MS and I am thinking of asking for tests for ms from my gp.

I know it won’t work for everyone, but for me, when I started daily meditation my pins and needles in my arms nearly disappeared. I am normally a very stressed out person so that was probably making all my symptoms worse in the first place! 20 minutes a day for a few weeks, is worth a try, maybe in combination with medications suggested above?

Yes I will maybe give meditation a try, thanks

Can I just ask if anyone’s pins and needles disappear completely with medication?

I’m on amitryptyline 50mg and duloxetine 60mg and have tried pregabalin and gabapentin but nothing gets rid of them. Is it just something I need to get used too?