Help with MRI result


I am going to see a Neurologist for the first time this week. I have previously been seen by a Rheumatologist to see if my symptoms were autoimmune as I already have Hashimotos. I have had a full back MRI, he was looking for arthritis. I have been discharged with a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia. When I asked he said he couldn’t rule out MS because that’s not he’s speciality. My MRI was clear apart from ‘subtle high signal C5 level which may be artifact’. My question is would the radiologist look for everything possible or just for what the Rheumatologist has queried? I apologise for the extremely long back story. I have symptoms that aren’t Fibromyalgia, weakness/shaking in my legs, arms. I have also had two episodes of Iritis. I hope someone can help. X

To be honest you really need an mri of your brain if you want the possibility of MS investigated. A rheumatologist obviously isn’t a specialist in disease of the central nervous system. If you are concerned you have a neurological problem perhaps discuss with your gp. If you are still under the care of your rheumatologist then discuss it with them and they also have the power to refer you to a different specialist if they feel your case warrants it.

Sorry, just read tori post again and see you are going to see a neurologist soon. That’s great. Discuss with him your concerns. He will do a few neuro tests and talk with you about what happens next. Might be mri of brain or lumbar puncture. On the other hand they might say that nothing neurological is suspected. Best of luck

Make sure you take some notes with you of what symptoms you’ve experienced and when. If possible take someone with you to help remember all that’s said during the appointment. It’s very easy to leave an appointment and be completely at sea as to what’s just been said to you.

I’d expect the neurologist to do a full neurological exam and if s/he thinks it’s required, more tests will be arranged, including brain MRI, and possibly lumbar puncture.

Good luck with the appointment.


Thank you