Can someone advise me please

Hi I’m new and unsure if I have MS I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia but recently symptoms are changing and sounding like ms I know there both similar in some ways but my memory and focus is getting worse also dizziness is an issue to the point I get it so bad all I can do is stay still I get it sitting standing or even lying down my eyes are sensitive more often and concentration is really bad I find it hard to focus on things and my head hurts trying. …does this sound familiar to anyone or is it just fibromyalgia. …also do I see my rheumatologist about tests for MS or my doctor. …I’ve had bloods done today but don’t know what to do next?

Hello Jayejaye

Well, as you’ve already said, there are symptoms that are common for both fibromyalgia and MS, and of course for other diagnoses.

But, if you now feel that your new symptoms are neurological in nature, then you would perhaps be better off trying to see a neurologist. Maybe your best action is to talk about it to your GP. I wouldn’t tell your GP (or a neurologist or rheumatologist for that matter) that you suspect MS. The medical professionals hate patients to self diagnose. So it might be better to ask for advice on the grounds that you are concerned over a possible neurological basis for some of these new symptoms. And ask the GP to refer you to a neurologist.

Then all you have to do is hope the waiting list isn’t too long.


Hi sue yeah I’ve been to doctors and she referred me I got an appointment for November I thought it would of been longer but thankfully not I did actually say I would like any neurological problems ruled out as I know these doctors dnt like to be told who what and where to be seen lol Thank you.