Forum problems but it's not optic neuritis

Hello, I m still in the diagnosis process. Currently waiting for a lumbar puncture. However, I have horrific visual problems but it’s not optic neuritis and I don’t have nystagmus. Today, it’s like my vision catches up with me seconds after I’ve moved my eyes. I do have migraines as well but this is different. I feel like I’m on a boat! It’s like my eyes have a whoosh after them!! I’m really worried…I’ve had it for years and not sure whoe much longer I can cope. I do have migraines aura as well but this is different…and I’m on propranolol 80mg twice a day but it helps minimally. Has anybody got any tips,advice, help?! Thank you

My first thought would be Diplopia (Double Vision).

Do you wear glasses? Do they have prism lenses?
Do you use contact lenses? No lenses at all?

If it’s the latter, you can test for yourself my looking at a road sign from about 20 yards plus.
Concentrate on a corner and cover each eye alternately and see if the corner appears to move (does not matter in which direction. If it does, go to any good optometrist and ask for a full eye-test.
One effect of Diplopia is slight unsteadiness as the brain tries to cope with two different views of the world.

If you wear glasses, the same crude test will work, and your last prescription should have a value in the “prism” column.
If no prism, get yourself into that optometrist (as above).

HINT: eyetests are free if you, or a parent, have been diagnosed with Glaucoma (but do not try this if they go to the same optometrist)


Thank you so much for your reply. I have been to an optometrist in the past and they said it seemed to be light that affected me. But it happens now even if I sit in a dark room. Could it be that my vision was okay once and now it isn’t? I did use to wear glasses and had prisms in them. Maybe I should go back?

Sensitivity to bright light is typical of MS. This is a different problem to Diplopia.
If you used to need prisms, I wonder why they stopped being prescribed.

Yes, I would suggest that you go back, and specifically ask to be tested for Diplopia.

The human visual system is incredibly complex, and a lot of things can go wrong with it (most of which can be cured, or at least they can be put right). It sounds like your original need for prisms may have been an early symptom of your MS, but I doubt if many optometrists would see a mild case of Diplopia as something that needed referral to a neurologist.


I was referred to neurologist from doctor as migraine and visual symptoms were so strange. I stopped going to the opticians because specsavers said I needed prisms and my prescription changed every 6 months or so. And then I went to vision express and they sod I didn’t need prisms. I just don’t know what to do. Or what is going on. I’ve seen an ophthalmologist. Don’t have optic neuritis and suffer with migraine aura so it’s really difficult. I have however taken your advice and requested a full eye test with specsavers. Hopefully something helpful will come of it. Didn’t even think to go back to opticians and try again…

Hi all can I ask you a question has anyone experienced muscle fasciculations? My neurologist thinks I have Benign fasciculation syndrome and not MS. I had my second mri on Tuesday 3 years after I had my first. Going for a third mri on the 10th of this month. The first mri 3 years ago was on my optic nerve and that was normal.

Well, I need glasses so let’s hope that help!

I would comment about $pec$aver$, Vision Express, Boots, etc, that they all have their own contracted suppliers for everything.
If you need something that their normal supplier does not offer, then, guess what, you don’t need it.
The first-named told me that one could only get prisms in whole-number PD (Prism Diopter) steps. After they had two attempts at getting it right, I got my money back and went to a small(ish) independent who prescribed a 2.5PD lens for my worst eye (and a whole-numbered one for the other - and this was right the first time.

I do tend to tell the optometrist (just in passing) that my Doctorate is in an area of human vision, and you would not believe some of the things that I have been told as fact that were blatantly untrue. The good ones tend to get all interested, and ask what sort of equipment I used, and what the results were


The ‘first’ symptom I had was an Optic Neuritis. Had 5 rounds of some cortisone derivative steroid for treatment and took me about 5 to 6months to ‘recover’ so to say. In the end, I recovered 80% of my eye sight from the affected eye but when I get tired, am too stressed or there is some heat I gradually loose definition from that eye.
One thing I can advise u and anyone else having a relapse is to stay away from salty foods/pork meat and to eat as much papaya/black beans as possible. =)


My first visual symptom sounds similar to this. The first time I noticed anything was on a night out where the room was quite dimly lit. Someone was speaking and moving their hands as they did so. I could see a trace of their hand as they moved it around. A short time later I had double vision and Specsavers prescribed me some prism lenses. I felt like there was some sort of delay in the movement of my eyes so I filmed myself while moving my eyes right, left, up and down and noticed that my right eye was really slow to move into the correct position. It turns out it was a muscle palsy, I can’t remember which one at the moment though. It passed within a few weeks (but not before I’d spent a good amount of money at Specsavers ).

Fast forward four months and optic neuritis started in my left eye and is still hanging around and generally annoying me! I’m luckier than lots though as I didn’t lose the vision.

Good luck!


The other thing you need to watch out for is Nystagmus.

This can be anything from a problem with eye-tracking on a moving object, to totally uncontrollable eye movements.

It is yet another condition that must be reported to the DVLA.
My last MS Nurse thought I had it and wanted me to have an eye-test as soon as possible.
I had the test (already booked) the following week, and the optometrist said NO, I did not have it (much to my relief)

You can read about it here: