Good afternoon, I was diagnosed with MS on the 2nd May, I was given steroids 500mg for 5 days which did help. But my main concern is my eyesight. I have double vision and rapid eye movements I am really struggling. Anyone else suffering like this?

Hi Katrina

I’m not diagnosed - I’m having my MRI on Friday - but I have optic neuritis at the moment so can sympathise from that point of view. I’ve got all sorts of visual disturbance and it is beginning to get me down a bit. Earlier this year I had a palsy in my other eye which caused double vision. That didn’t hurt but the neuritis was painful for the first few weeks.

Hope things improve for you soon.


Hi Katrina
The first thing must be a question - do you drive?

If yes, have you notified the DVLA (and your insurance co.)?
And also if yes, you should tell the DVLA that you have Diplopia (double vision).

Diplopia is simply when each eye focuses the light on a slightly different part of the retina. Since each eye has its own nervous system, the poor old brain has to try and merge these two images into one (what vision scientists call fusion).
Never mind the why, this can be dealt with quite simply by spectacles with prism lenses.

Rapid eye movements? Like how are they rapid? If you mean jerky, particularly from side to side as if one eye was lagging behind the other and then trying to catch up, this could be a condition called nystagmus.
This should also be notified to the DVLA

What you can find is that with diplopia, if the two eyes are about even, then the fusion may not succeed, and you either see two images, or get a dizzy sensation, and the brain could be moving one eyeball about to try and stabilise the view.

If you wear glasses - go to a good optometrist and get re-tested. [Hint, a test is free if one of your parents had glaucoma].
If you do not already wear glasses - get tested right away. Don’t say you have diplopia, say that you are seeing two images.
Do not go to one of the big high street chains, find a small independent optician, where you should get a proper test.

The eyes are too complex, and eyesight is too important, to take chances with.


Hi Geoff Thanks for your reply, I do drive but I have not driven for around 7 weeks because of a huge relapse. The MS nurses thinks that my eye site should calm down but if it does not I will defiantly take your advice and go get my eyes retested. Thanks Katrina.