Help re PIP

Hi, I’m considering applying for PIP, I have RRMS since 1998 but a few people have told me I should apply. Just been looking into it but confused ! As you all know you get up days and down days so do you base your info on the bad days/weeks/months ? Any info would be grateful. X

Hi Hels,

Get in contact with the MS Helpline. they can send you a booklet giving you the information you require for PIP.

Regards, Andy

Hi, they ask how things are on your best day and your worst day. Rachael just had a one to one for her PIP and answered questions about how things were day to day. They also asked how many good days and how many bad days a week, which I had to tell her would be a made up number as you could not guesstimate that as things change so often. Just be very honest about how things are affected every day and how bad things can be. The form is quite long and detailed so try and get someone to help you fill it in if you have cognitive issues and don’t be too proud to mention every wee detail. Good luck. Lx

Yep, get someone to hep fill it in and YES…tell em all about your worst days.

Good luck.

luv Pollx

Join the benifits and work site its £20 for the yr but they have lots of ways to help on there. Take your time answerering all the questions never use one word always give the fullest answer and use extra paper if you need too


Do get some help or advice on filling it in. You could try your local Citizens Advice Bureau.

If you have a problems for more days in a week than you don’t have problems, it counts as you having the problem when they score it against a set criteria. The more points you score determines what rate of PIP you’re awarded.

The rates for 2013/14 are:

  • Standard rate daily living component £54.45
  • Enhanced rate daily living component £81.30
  • Standard rate mobility component £21.55
  • Enhanced rate mobility component £56.75

They use the criteria I’ve put a link to below to work this out. If you don’t meet the criteria - you don’t get it


Any letters you have from hospital/therapists you’ve got are really useful as supporting evidence, but they will also write to people such as your GP who know you.

Good Luck with it