Help - possible new diagnosis!

Hi all I am a 28 year old young lady who lost some feeling on my left side a month ago. This has made a vast improvement and almost back to “normal” :slight_smile: I was initially diagnosed with Bell’s palsy, then a stroke shortly followed by a brain tumour which all appear to have been wrong. I’ve spent the last 3 weeks in hospital and been referred to a neurologist with suspected MS. TBH I’m happy my brain abnormality isn’t a tumour because on monday I was due to be having a hole drilled in my head and having a biopsy taken from deep inside my brain very risky and extremely scary. Now I have a chance at life and will be grasping it with both hands by coming to terms with the fact I may have MS!!! What I need to know is what I should do now? Do I need to tell DVLA prior to diagnosis, my insurance company and my travel insurance. Any other advice? Steroids have almost cleared up symptoms 100% as a high dose over 5 days Thanks in anticipation Laura

Hi Laura

Crazy that having MS is considered good news! I can imagine how it’s a relief compared to a brain tumour though. Good that you’re wanting to grab life with both hands though. It can be easy to think that MS means you’re life is over, but I don’t think that has to be true - it’s just taken an unexpected turn in the road, and there’s still much that can be achieved.

I’m not sure if you have t tell things like DVLA or insurance if you haven’t got a confirmed diagnosis. However the most sensible option is to simply call them and tell them you’re awaiting diagnosis, and then see what they say. Whether or not you tell your employer about what’s going on is down to you.

Sorry I can’t help more than that. Glad the steroids have helped you though.


Hi Laura, you’re story is very similar to mine, I am 33 now and 2 years ago they thought I had a tumour due to numbness as well and I was so relieved it was MS, which sounds a bit crazy.

You don’t have to tell anyone until you have a diagnosis, if you feel you can work/drive safely then you can do so, if you think you are impaired then tell them just to be on the safe side. I am now on a 3yr reviewed driving license so they just check how my health is every three years, which I was sad about at first but actually makes sense.

I’m glad to hear your steroids have helped and you are feeling a lot better. This is a great place to ask questions and get support if you need anything specifically MS.


High just finishing 5 day steroids today , had another appointment with neuro last Tuesday who said 99% ms but has referred me to ms specialist . When I asked about dvla,insurance , driving , etc he. Said do nothing untill officially DX and fine to carry on as long as I feel safe,

Hi, it`s gotta be great news that you dont have a brain tumour.

MS ain`t a walk in the ark, but still the lesser of the 2 evils, eh?