Help - don't know what to do!

Add to favourites Like (0) Cancel email alertsQuotereply Hi all I am a 28 year old young lady who lost some feeling on my left side a month ago. This has made a vast improvement and almost back to “normal” :slight_smile: I was initially diagnosed with Bell’s palsy, then a stroke shortly followed by a brain tumour which all appear to have been wrong. I’ve spent the last 3 weeks in hospital and been referred to a neurologist with suspected MS. TBH I’m happy my brain abnormality isn’t a tumour because on Monday I was due to be having a hole drilled in my head and having a biopsy taken from deep inside my brain very risky and extremely scary. Now I have a chance at life and will be grasping it with both hands by coming to terms with the fact I may have MS!!! What I need to know is what I should do now? Do I need to tell DVLA prior to diagnosis, my insurance company and my travel insurance. Any other advice!? Steroids have almost cleared up symptoms - high dose over 5 days! Thanks in anticipation Laura

Hi Laura, you have really been through the mill. You are right to be positive as MS is far less serious than brain tumour or stroke. You have responded to steriods well so if it is MS then it would be RRMS which can be treated/controlled with DMD (disease modifying drugs). I dont think there is any need inform DVLA etc until you have a firm diagnosis because you would need a letter from you doctor to confirm that dx.

Hope that you get answers soon

Take Care

Moyna x

Hi Laura and welcome, I’d wait until you have a firm diagnosis before informing dvla, insurance companies and the like. You’d need to know for sure first, otherwise it could lead to further problems, and that’s something you really don’t need, particularly after everything you’ve been through. You more than deserve a bucket of tlc and a bit of time to get your head round everything that’s happened, so dealing with the practicalities as and when they come along is probably the best way to go for now. Fingers crossed the docs get to the bottom of what’s going on very soon. Let us know how you get on. Debbie xx