recently diagnosed

I have recently been diagnosed with rrms in the last two weeks. Iam now in the stage of waiting to have an appointment in a month’s time with MS nurse. I am currently off work and not sure whenI will be able to go back. I don’t know how I’m feeling and wondering what the futures holds and what’s next. I have had various symptoms for last 3 years with more intense symptoms in the last 18months. MS was confirmed and now feeling very scared about the future. I had steroids last week via drip after having weakness in arms especially on left. I now feel in a void to my next appointment. Be good to communicate with others in a similar position.

Hi Barney

You aren’t alone in feeling scared. This forum is wonderful, you will be able to speak to people who are in the same boat and get help and support. I will suggest that you claim Employment and Support Allowance as soon as possible if you aren’t working, and enquire about Disability Living Allowance too. The process can be long and finances go rapidly. You just don’t need to be worrying about money when you already have enough to think about. I was given guides by my union to help me complete the forms if you’d like I can send you a copy. I had never had to claim before and didn’t know where to start. If you read other people’s entries you may also find them useful.

Good luck

Min x

Hello and welcome to the site :slight_smile: Even when we’re expecting it, the diagnosis can hit hard :frowning: The good news is that, although it can take a while, we do adapt and life gets back to a more even keel. There’s no doubt that no one in their right mind would wish for MS, and it can be difficult at times, but it is NOT the end of the world - the vast majority of us can go on to live long, happy and fulfilling lives. It may not be the life we expected, but it can still be good. Getting the right meds and support can go a long way to helping with that so make full use of your MS nurse and things like neurophysio and never wait to be asked - if you have a problem, ask for help (repeatedly and firmly if necessary!). In case you haven’t already been told, you need to tell the DVLA about your diagnosis (they generally put us on a three year, free renewable licence) and you should have a good look through any paperwork you have that might have a critical health clause - MS is a payable condition. For now, rest lots, be kind to yourself and take it one day at a time. Dealing with a relapse and a diagnosis is tough :frowning: Karen x

Thanks for the comments. It is good to talk to people that understand whatyou are feeling. I am finding it hard to explain to people how I’m feeling currently. Thanks Ali