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Hello to you all,

I’m after some suggestions of possible places to live down south. I live in Norh Yorkshire, and my partner is working down south in Surrey. Got 2 children 10 and 3 and Im hestitating about moving down south as I really dont have a clue as to where is a good place to live. My partner commutes for 4 hours, to come up to my place, and its getting too much for him after nearly 7 years. He stays at his parents place down South for his work. Our relationship is all very complicated!

He would like to be able to travel to see me within 2hours. But to be in a area where there is a good hospital and schools. I’m not able to drive so getting the kids to School is a huge worry as I cant walk.

Any ideas??

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Jane xx

Crikey! That’s not a small thing to work out - my sympathies!

When we were thinking of moving, I found two things really useful. One was the Department of Education website, where you can look at school results ( The other was Rightmove, so I could check house prices. (Tip 1: use the Royal Mail postcode finder to get hold of postcodes, if you need them. There’s usually a “High Street” or “Main Street” etc in most places, so stick them in to get a rough postcode for a town. If that doesn’t work, look for the name of a local largish sized town (X) and put that in as “X road” - often works. Tip 2: use google maps to zoom in and have a look at possibilities; see if you like the look of a place.)

I guess the biggest factor is your budget though, assuming you’re buying somewhere? Southern England is not cheap, and Surrey is especially not cheap. So if I were you, I would look further away from London. Try and avoid places with a mainline station into London too - they’ll usually be more expensive, and it’s incredible how far some London workers will commute. The coast is often expensive too, so maybe try inland first.

The other thing to consider is neurologists for you. Use the “Near me” function on here to check where the nearest MS specialist is to different places.

Hth! Good luck!

Karen x


I live in Surrey (in the London Borough of Sutton).
The schools are good in our area with lots of grammer schools if thats your thing, but the all the other schools have good reports also. Plenty of activities for the kids. I live in suburbia but its only 20 min to central London on the train. Like evrywhere there are also cheaper parts of an area, it just depends which part of Surrey your partners working in as to the price as Surrey is well known to be expensive and although we are in a recession it hasnt really affected property prices here, its just people take longer to sell.

Always happy to answer any questions - if I can



I live in Maidstone in Kent. It has loads of shops, good schools, easy access to motorways ie: M20, M25. It is an expensive place to live and I would go as far as to say it is a young persons town now.

The hospitals’ around here are very good especially rhumatology and neuro’s. They tend to send you to London Kings College if they are in doubt about anything, and they supply you with transport.

Hope this helps.

Love Janet x

Im finding out that the South certainly isn’t cheap! My partner lives and works in Walton on Thames in Surrey. He doesnt earn alot of money. Our budget is only about £170k.

One of my huge worry is getting the kids to School, as it stands at the moment, the eldest Son is 10yrs old and a friend takes him to School when my partner isnt here. My youngest who’s 3yrs goes down to Surrey with my partner. And his Mum looks after him while Steve (partner) goes to work. I hope your still following me!

Hi, I can’t help with your move but I think getting the kids to school is a worry for you. So, is it possible that your 10 year old could walk himself or with friends. This will depend on where you stay. The 3 year old is a bigger problem. Perhaps tere would be a local childminder who could bring him home, take him to school. Also you could try speaking to the school, they have a duty to get the children there ad home safely.i also struggle to walk . When my son was at nursery I used to go and wait in the car park and the nursery teacher brought him out to me. This was arranged via the head teacher. Speak to the chool and explain your difficulties. Cheryl :slight_smile:


I take it that your partner and yourself live apart most of the time and so support if needed comes from local family or friends.

If so you need to consider the impact of a move.

If you move to a strange place with no family or friends local you will have no support and especially with young childeren this could be putting more pressure on yourself which may not prove benificial.

I know that at the moment if your partner has a job he’ll want to keep it but is there anyway he could tranfere nearer to you…


Hi all,

I justed wanted to thank you, on replying to my post. It certainly has given me something to think about.

Take care

Jane xxx