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jan. 22. Hello everyone, I finally got my RRMS diagnosis 2 years ago. However I have been having problems for the past 24 years not long after my first child was born. However my complications were classed as post pregnancy and that was that. I developed chronic sciatic which worsened after my 2nd child was born. I continued to get strange numbness, weakness etc but was always excused as my sciatica. Then 13 years ago driving home my right eye became all fuzzy and that’s when MS was first mentioned. Had scans and was told I standee an 80% chance of progressing so to carryon my life.
No follow up nothing!!! Since then I’ve had problems with my bladder, severe pins and needles and numbness through my other leg, again ‘oh it’s probably your sciatica. Then finally 2 1/2 yrs ago someone finally listened and got me an appointment with a neurologist who after scans etc… found a number of lesions in my brain and down my spine. I was then told that most of the complications where not the sciatica (I’m just unlucky to also have this) and that this is permanent damage!!!
Ive started the Ocrevus treatment and so far no new Relapses.

So now I’ve sort of got my head around things I know I need support and my MS nurse told me about this forum.

Therefore my first question I’d like to ask is; what is the best support agency to help me look into benefits as had to leave work 7 years ago. Is it citizens advice or disability, equality centre?

Thank you so much for reading this post. Sorry but I do waffle on a bit, so I’m told🤪

Hi Lizzie

Welcome to the forum!

Citizens advice is usually good. I used them in the past to help with an appeal on incapacity benefit.

Thanks Ziola, its just so mind blowing and don’t know where to start to be honest!!

I will sort an appointment out to go see someone and go from there.

Me again!
I’ve got my lumbar puncture booked for tomorrow :grimacing:
I’m assuming that a few of you lovely people have had this before & can tell me what to expect!
Last step for full diagnosis. Definitely MS but between RRMS or SPMS.

The Barts Guide should cover what to expect. Make sure you ask for an ‘atraumatic spinal needle’ to reduce the risk of headache.

Your Lumbar Puncture at The Royal London Hospital (

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Thank you!
Isolating after pcr test & overthinking tomorrows LP :see_no_evil:

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