Help needed High Blood Pressure

Hi all.

I was wondering whether anyone is on blood pressure tablets and if they are happy with what they are on and no side effects.



I have taken blood pressure tablets for years. The one I was on first (I can’t remember which one) gave me a tickleis cough. It’s one of the common side effects so I was tried on it for a short while, then checked. I was switched to another drug, and have had no problems with that one.

I would take you doctor’s advice as what is best for someone may not be best for you. Even ignoring the side effects complications. I felt awful before I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, but did feel the difference when the pills did their thing :slight_smile:

i am on 10mg of Lisinopril and have bein for a few months now. to be honest i think i need to talk to my GP about changing them as after a few hours after taking them my hart feels like its going like the clappers. i havnt felt right since i started to take them. i have kept on taking them as i thought my body would get used to them and settle down but that dosnt seem the case. i also had bad stomach cramps for about 3 weeks when first taking them but that went.

Hi Caz,

I started to have high blood pressure after what was likely to have been my first MS attack. I take 3 medicines for it, which work well enough. I’ve lived with it for 20 years this year, so I’m pretty thankful as mine was so high that it almost killed me.

You’ll either be on a beta-blocker or an ace-inhibitor (any drug ending -opril) or a calcium channel blocker - or even a combination.

I started on an ace-inhibitor and got the cough and also, like Mick, a racing heart. This stopped when I started atenolol, the beta-blocker.

It takes a few days for your body to get used to the drug(s), so take it easy.

Do let us know how you get on,

all best,



High blood pressure / hypertension is one of the many ailments linked to vitamin d3 deficiency. Just google

vitamin d3 deficiency high blood pressure. l think l would rather ‘up’ my vitd3 - then go down the route of beta blockers.

My blood pressure at last check was 120/80 - Which for my age [64] l think is good.


Hi, I take three tablets for hypertension , valsartan, furosemide and amlodipine. I am not sure I had any side effects at the beginning, but as it was so high it wouldn’t have mattered! Ramipril gave me a horrible cough, so nephrologist changed to Valsartan, much to my gp’s horror as it is apparently much more expensive - I don’t care as it seems to work! Hope you get sorted, just more tablets to add to the list! Lilbill x

How fortunate are those with perfect blood pressure?

Imagine having it soar to 260/160 and doctors bring the defibrilator over in a total panic and then have to spend the rest of your life on hypertension drugs.

Some people have hypertension with no apparent cause. All we can do is take the pills that are offered and hope that we don’t go bang.

I’ve lived for 20 years with this awful risk to my health and despite my D3 supplementation, it’s still there. Life isn’t so simple. Beta blockers keep me alive. I miscounted - I’m on 4 drugs for hypertension, not three. Yes, it totally sucks. Being smug about it Frances, doesn’t help.

You may well choose to address your high blood pressure by ‘upping’ your vitd3.

However if you were to suggest that this was a viable strategy to adress high blood pressure to anyone else then that would be irresponsible and potentially dangerous.

Vitamin d supplements wouldn’t help me, I’ve got renal failure (renal failure = high blood pressure, untreated high blood pressure causes renal failure, amongst other things). It is always best to get things checked out with your gp if you think there is a problem.

I doubt vit D3 would have solved my BP problem. Now I take my BP pills and it was 109/79 last week. And has been so for a few years now.

I have diabetes, and a strong family history of heart disease so keeping my blood pressure under control is essential. I needed it got under control before it did too much harm!

Sorry, I can’t answer your question because I’ve never had high blood pressure, but my mum does so I thought I would do a bit of a literature search to see if there was something in this vitamin D thing.

Anyway, it seems that there is some evidence that vitamin D is helpful in preventing hypertension, but the evidence is not conclusive. As far as treating already existing hypertension goes, the evidence is very thin on the ground. I for one will not be recommending that my mum throws away her meds to take a supplement instead!

Karen x

I have had a relapse and went for my post MRI consultation. My neuro reckons that, yes, I had a proper relapse, from which I’ve recovered well, but that at some time in the last 3 years, I’ve had a BP crisis which has caused a small stroke.

I’ve had hypertension for 20 years and have lived in dread of this. The hypertension came at the same time as my first MS symptoms, which went undiagnosed. As I wrote before , my BP was 260/160 and I almost died.

I’m devastated.

We can be here to support each other, but Campion’s smug, fatuous comments about D3 riled me. There’s nothing I can do except take my BP meds, D3, other supplements and live as healthily as I can, but to imply that all I or anyone else needs to do to counteract hypertension, is to ‘up’ their D3 is stupid.

Today I learned what hypertension can do. No doubt it will do something else to me before long, but there are times when certain people here should think before writing stupid and thoughtless comments not based on experience or medical knowledge.

This could happen to others with untreated hypertension. Hidden strokes, which go unnoticed because it’s MS. Upping D3 intake may well help, but no one should offer advice that could be dangerous.


i was diagnosed with a relapse last year but it seems it wasnt one but very very high bp!!! so high i had to have a heart scan - was ok thank goodness. Was started on bp tablets - losarton pottasium 1 x day and this week was told that my bp was finally a very healthy level. It is either the tablets or that i have just left work (or rather they left me!!!) or everything so HURRAY!! if you are told you need them then you must take them as they are important.take care.